Black Community Takes Charge on Palestinian Solidarity

A coalition of Black and pro-Palestine organizations collaborated to produce a poignant and profound video to promote trans-organizational solidarity between two communities that know, and too often, experience institutionalized oppression within the mold of their respective and varied histories.

The video, titled “When I See Them I See Us,” features many prominent Black and Palestinian figures and activists, among them Angela Davis, Alice Walker, Cornel West, Remi Kanazi, Noura Erakat, and Linda Sarsour, all of whom are holding signs inscribed with meaningful messages.

Published at the heels of the recent and ongoing violence in Palestine, this 2-minute video emerges at an urgent time when Palestinians are demanding justice and basic human rights from a potent Israeli occupying force energized by US military aid.

Set against a melodious and  suspenseful  soundtrack, the video illustrates images of African-Americans, who died from state-sponsored police brutality in the United States, and pictures of Palestinians killed by Israeli military violence.

The unique struggles of Blacks and Palestinians depicted in the short video, demonstrate that each group should demand freedom and justice from repressive institutions in solidarity and not in isolation.

The makers of the video emphasize that they do not seek to equate the struggles of both movements, but rather intend to unify both communities to jointly fight against systematic injustice and state violence aimed at innocent civilians from Ferguson to Palestine.

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