Did You Catch Biden Sneak This Islamic Phrase Into the Presidential Debate?

The first presidential debate of the 2020 elections is upon us. We would like to report back that it was every bit as messy as we expected, and then some. In between the audio assault of Donald Trump’s incessant tantrum-like interruptions and Joe Biden oscillating between being distracted and completely heated, one brief exchange caught our amusement.

In one segment while discussing tax returns, Trump was being pressed about releasing his tax documents. Upon saying that he’d release them, Biden retorted with a quick little interjection that made us want to laugh and feel kinda triggered at the same time: “When inshallah?”

For those who might not have encountered this now-cultural staple, the phrase “Inshallah” is a commonly used phrase meaning, “God willing.” The funny part is that it’s often comically used by speakers that want to delay deadlines and decisions. We can only assume Biden might have been on the receiving end of it one too many times.

Other than that, the debate offered little more than an affirmation of the unrest and contention to come in November. Are you not entertained?