A Muslim Brother Takes On Society’s Beauty Standards

Muslims have been taking the spoken word poetry community by a storm. From politics to religion to love, Muslim youth have been creating a name for themselves with their powerful performances that seek to shed light on society’s ills and beauties.

A young brother named Shahroz decided to take a stand against every girl and woman’s suffering from the beauty standards being bombarded at them from every direction.

“Beautiful Child” is a cry of solidarity with every woman who’s ever felt like she wasn’t enough; to every young girl who found out too early that people cared more about the outside than the inside; to every young girl who’s burned her insides and jeopardized her health because society’s weight of beauty was too much to handle.

“And I’m so sorry about the music you have to listen to,
Women degrading women,
And men are just trying to limit you
They don’t care about your mind
Only focused on the physical
So please tell me how they’re
A role model to the youth?”

“Now back to you child,
Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not beautiful
Outer appearance is just a mere part of an individual
Focus on your character,
Be a symbol of kindness and compassion
And if they love you for that,
Then that’s what really matters”

With its positive message and strong criticism of society and men’s behavior, Shahroz’s poem may be putting a smile on a young girl’s face today.

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