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Samantha Iman Named MuslimGirl’s Baddie of the Year

Samantha Iman Named MuslimGirl’s Baddie of the Year

In 2008, Samantha Iman did what any other young American usually does — she applied for a job. However, what began as an interview at her local mall flourished into a national movement, and it showed us that the now 24-year-old is anything but a “follower.” What happened to Samantha on that day 7 years ago forever changed her life, as well as the lives of Muslim women all across America.
Rewinding a little into Samantha’s childhood, we learned that Sunday School was a big part of her life as she was growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “The majority of my parents’ friends were Muslim, so my faith was always a part of my life,” she shared. “I started wearing hijab at the age of 13, and like most I went through an awkward phase of how to dress while wearing hijab, like wearing things that shouldn’t be layered together or always wearing “babytees” with a long sleeve shirt underneath… it was not cute,” she added.
But on the day of Samantha’s job interview, there was no babytee to be found, nor any awkward layering. There was, however, a black scarf wrapped around her head as she began the interview at Abercrombie Kids. Her interviewers ultimately denied her employment based solely on their assumption of her faith, deciding that having a conspicuously Muslim employee wouldn’t fit in with their “image.” Samantha refused to take this “no” silently and eventually sued Abercrombie for their discriminatory decision.
Little did she know that seven years later, her case would stand in front of the Supreme Court of the United States — bringing Islam and religious freedoms on the national stage.
With a groundbreaking 8-1 win, The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – which sued on Samantha’s behalf — reassured American-Muslims of our rights in the workplace, especially in regards to free religious expression.
“I am proud that I was able to take this case as far as I did; it wasn’t just about Islam, it was about all minorities who have ever been discriminated by,” she expressed. We agree, it was a monumental moment for a lot of different people. Samantha’s case proved that not only are these instances a reality for many minorities, especially hijab-wearing Muslim women, but they can be defeated as well. The system that works so hard to bring us down and mold our appearance to reflect a “certain image,” can be broken.


While Samantha remains a fierce warrior for Muslim women, symbolizing one of the greatest victories for our community, she also serves as a style icon and role model who braids together so gracefully the various layers of her life: the religious, personal, and professional. Her Instagram is on fire, and I dare you to resist scrolling through her gorgeous outfits, wedding photos, and travel tidbits.
When it comes to style inspiration, Samantha loves Mary Kate Olsen’s chic style, and she confessed her guilty pleasure of loving all things Kylie Jenner, too. In addition, the city of London is her ultimate global inspiration. “I recently visited and was in love with how diverse and fashion forward it is,” Samantha shared.
We even received a crash course on the best way to rock Instagram photos. “Take pics outside or where there is a lot of sunlight! Lighting is everything. Also, change it up; don’t over selfie it.” Noted!
That wasn’t the only tip she had to share; when we spoke to Samantha, she was full to bursting with advice and guidance, not just for her bevy of followers, but for our readers as well. There may be a common struggle among all Muslim women, but she recognizes that girls in different age groups face varying challenges. It’s a harsh world out there guys, and we hope this helps:

  • Be yourself, and be confident in who you are and what you stand for.  Always set the example for other Muslims; being a hijabi means you are basically a walking “advertisement” for all Muslims around the world because, unlike other Muslims, you wear a hijab, which is a symbol of Islam.


  • Learn as much about your faith as you can because the sooner you practice your faith, the easier and faster it’ll become a habit.


  • Don’t try to fit in, be yourself. Be confident in who you are and what you believe.


  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Nowadays, I feel like we try so hard to be like others. It’s cool to be inspired, but be careful not to follow someone who may be considered a bad influence. For example, I love Kylie Jenner, but that doesn’t mean if she does something, I should do it too.


Samantha is firmly committed to the religious significance of the headscarf. “If it’s being worn for fashion or political reasons, it’s for the wrong reasons, in my opinion.” With that being said, she has choice words for Muslim men who have lots of “thoughts” on the hijab: “It’s none of your business how someone wears their scarf, so keep your opinions to yourself. Please and thank you.”
While Samantha has thousands of fans, she says that her husband is her biggest supporter and keeps her grounded by sharing his opinions with her.
“With the Abercrombie case, he was very protective and made sure I didn’t over-think any of the awful comments that would be all over social media. And if my feelings did get hurt, he would snap me out of it with all the positive I needed to hear,” she added.
Although her groundbreaking court case and love for fashion have both become extremely powerful things in Samantha’s life, she shared that it was actually the importance of Islam that truly shaped her as a person, and is the main reason she is where she is now.

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“If it wasn’t for my faith, I wouldn’t have a purpose in this life.”

Co-written by Nihal Qawasmi.

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    • No, you misinterpret. That is Punjabi. I have been there. Muslims, Jews and Sikhs have much in common in their head dress. Muslims and Jews especially. They are also monotheistic. That maybe from where it comes.
      The Pashtun and Kurd turbans are also similar, give or take. Arabs are different, perhaps due to the climate and region.

    • munna, that is funny. a couple of years ago when this case first got attention a [muslim] woman on made a similar comment. i’ll see if i can find it.

      • I think that she can wear any sort of headgear as she like but if she tries to label that headgear onto her specific apparel brand or something related to her own fashion line then, it can invite some court case on that as clearly she’s plagiarizing the Sikh dress. It should be also noted that she’s appearing on Muslim girls site hence, she might attract attention too among Muslims. If others start to think it as some Muslim dress out of maybe ignorance than it can create confusion too. It would be better if she herself admits that her dress is inspired by such-n-such things and personal imagination/creation/initiative then she can escape some of the criticism.

        • yeah the poor Sikhs already get mistaken for muslims in america. after 9/11 a couple of Sikhs were killed and a nazi shoot up a temple in Wisconsin and killed about 20. not sure if he just wanted to kill anyone who was brown or he thought they were muslims as well.
          but she is claiming that she has to cover her head [however she chooses] on religious grounds. the real problem here is that we have gone too far in protecting religious observations and are now over burdening businesses. it is ridiculous to force an apparel company to hire someone dressed like a nun.

          • I think that Sikhs do fight in Court cases regarding their dress codes as it’s prescribed by their religious founders and scriptures. Haven’t heard about Muslim dress code for women prescribed in Quran. If she got proof of that, she can fight that out in the Courts however, from the headgear she’s wearing, clearly it’s not Muslim dress code as it belongs to Sikh religious headgear, just type “Sikh girl turban photo” over Google and then, you can yourself see the various headgear worn by Sikh girls. Nevertheless, if the lady can prove it in Court that she’s indeed wearing a Muslim headgear as prescribed in Muslim dress code or in Quran, then good luck to her…!

          • yeah it was the Sikhs in the UK that lead the fight for headgear, a bus driver i think. and i think a Sikh sued domino’s [a pizza delivery company] over his beard. and we had Sikh win a lawsuit in Michigan to carry their little daggers to high school.
            her style of headgear isn’t important. she simply has to demonstrate to the court that it is a sincerely held religious belief. this is the problem with the law. here in america these laws come out of the civil rights moment in the segregated south. because blacks where treated differently we wrote broad laws to protect people based on race, religion, creed and national origin. unfortunately the pendulum has swung too far and is unduly burdening business and school districts and even the courts themselves.

          • People get banned all the time without any rhyme nor reason. Internet is shrinking as far as expression of freedom is concerned. But don’t worry, there are other avenues opening, sites would lose readers if they indulge in too much censorship.

  • This is just ridiciolous. She didn’t achieve anything for muslims. She should ‘ nt have worked for this company in the first place, that sells immoral clothes.

        • but didn’t you say muslims should learn Arabic and move to sharia compliant countries? can’t you learn Arabic when you are there?
          so where is it that you are studying?

          • true. I don’t speak anything perfectly. but are your parents Arabic speakers and do they promote hijrah? I just don’t get how a salafi of arab descent who is telling other muslims to learn Arabic and migrate back to Islamic lands is in Europe? you can see my confusion, right?
            so do you follow the hanbali madhab?

          • I just do advice muslims to do it – if they are able! I am still where I am because of my education and hope to emirates after finishing it!

          • I do follow the salaf – first and foremost the companions of the prophet – peace be upon him – and tempompary scholars.

          • he has some pretty wacky ideas. for instance, he says the big tsunami on Christmas back in 06 or maybe 04, whatever the real big one that killed like 250,000 people was allah’s punishment for celebrating ‘pagan’ holidays.

          • Even if it sounds shocking to you, but natural disasters are quite often punishment of Allah for sinners, sir.

          • so even as an engineer, you are a believer in qada?
            so you think poverty is a punishment too? was that you or the other person who said that?

          • do i have them backwards? i thought in predestination there was qadr, freewill and qada, acts of god?

          • It is said that life is a test for those who want to enter paradise.
            You will have to blame Adam and Eve – peace be upon them- and satan After all.

          • right, but it is a test that god already know the results of. so is it just a play for his amusement?

          • alright, you have a good day. if you come across a scholar ask them that question for me. and what do they say, allah is neither diminished or made more by humans? something to that affect. so why watch the play? 🙂

          • yeah they seem diametrically opposed concepts, freewill and predestination. i’ve had it explained to me that in the beginning allah takes the pen and rights all things. therefore you are predestined to do what you are free to do. that god doesn’t interfere in your freewill, but already knows how you will choose. so why the koran says, those whom he guides, none cam lead astray. and those whom he doesn’t guide, none can guide. that is because he doesn’t bother to guide those who he knows will not accept the guidance. something like that.

          • well i don’t have sound on this computer. but i saw the title of shirk in egypt equals poverty. but aren’t there nations with more shirk in them than egypt, like in the west, who aren’t impoverished?

          • No, not really. It is not the only, but one major reason.
            In Pakistan people not only worship the dead but also for example their donkeys they used for riding.

          • but christian nations worship jesus, is this not shirk. japan is mostly shinto, ancestral worship, but they are a wealth nation?

          • right. but if shirk equals poverty, all non-muslim nations should be in the most poverty, especially trinitarian christian nations and the japanese. and the hindus and Buddhists too.

          • Even After that the countries with the worst shirk like Indianer and Africa are the poorest.

          • Muslims who commit shirk dont do it blatanly, they say there is one god, but they still call the dead and their donkeys and wifes or whatever.

          • yeah i hear some of them think they have jinn under their control in pakistan. do you believe in jinn? and if so, what are they?

          • It is also forbidden to call the jinn. The bad jinns are what are known in the west or christianity as demons. And they can possess you.

          • right, right, the shaitan or shayteen. is one plural or just different transliterations? so you do believe that they are beings of smokeless fire? micheal elwood a koran alone muslim, you may have seen him on loonwatch, told me there are just foreign men. and i’ve had an ahmadi say they are men of power. that smokeless fire is a metaphor for power.
            have you ever read ‘the book of jinn and devils in the light of the quran’?

          • Quranic muslims and ahmadis are heretics and therefore not muslims at all.
            No, I don’t know the book.
            Yes, they are Made of smokeless fire.
            Yes the one is plural. Shayateen.

          • Muslim means sunni muslim, who are 85 per cent of muslims. Sunni come from sunnah – the collected sayings of the prophet – peace be upon him.

          • Shiites, ahmadis, alawites, certain sufis, druze, ISIS and Al-Qaida or those who operate this liberal news magazine are nutty cults, that have nothing to do with islam.

            i think this is it. i tried to give it a quick browse to find it, but i thought i read a section on jinn as snakes. the funny thing was the guy said if you have a snake in your house, you have to give it 3 days to leave. unless it is a snake with 2 black stripes, then you can kill it out right, because they cause miscarriages and blindness. but it you see a snake out in the open, you are to kill it right away. this seems counter intuitive to me?

          • This is something totally different. It is like saying why do you work and not rely on Allah.

          • It is said that jinn can take the Form of snakes and enter houses. But as i don’t know too much.

          • And let be frank: corruption and a unislamic work ethic is also a Problem. So Yes its punishment.

          • “Yes Poverty is punishment.”
            How is that? Where did you get that from.? The Noble Qur’an categorically states that the unbounded bounty of Allah is open to ALL who strive for it.
            Further, and it states explicitly that poverty is a test. And wealth is a test. And that Allah gives to whom He Wills. Are you denying, repudiating the the Word of Allah as sealed in the Qur’an?
            Are you from Loonwatch? Are you a Muslim in name only like the hypocrites there who the deny the Qur’an, who are rewriting the intent of Allah in the western agnostic secular image.
            Are you a denier of Truth and Gustak a Rasool like them, their ilk, coterie, leadership?

          • I may be dumb but the Qur’an is not dumb. The Qur’a is Wise: Hakim.
            Allah clearly states in the Qur’an that He gives to ALL who strive for it. He further states that He gives to whom He Wills.
            It seems that you have not read the Qur’an. Else you don’t know how to read it and cherry pick to make your point. It is now getting clear that you are a Loonwatch Loon Hindutva Crusader Troll.

          • You are an Idiot and I will not debate animals that denie the hijab and support feminism.

          • “You are an Idiot and I will not debate animals that denie the hijab and support feminism
            You may call me what you like. That is your prerogative and describes you more, not so much me.
            But when you say that some thing is in Islam then you have to cite references from Islam’s primary scripture: The Glorious Qur’an. You need knowledge to debate a subject. Calling me an “idiot” and an “animal” does not cut it.
            And as far as I can see you are not an intelligent or cultured specimen of humanity. Are you a Hindutva, Loonwatch Loon?
            Have a nice day. I am done with you.
            Peace be upon you.

    • The magazine has some good articles.. ones that I think you would applaud it’s writing. Some a person may find disagreeable as well. If the most egregious thing you found here was the word ‘badie’ (and I don’t think that’s the case)… I’d say they are doing good. The word doesn’t imply being dumb.

      • Basically, yes. Women belong into the house and when the men call them into bed they have to follow and the quran says they should stay in the house exept when there is a need.

        • ” Women belong into the house and when the men call them into bed they
          have to follow and the quran says they should stay in the house exept
          when there is a need.”

          You plant rubbish. You sound more and more like a psychopath mentally challenged hypocritical Fitna.
          Do you know that to knowingly state that something is in the Qur’an when it is not is Shirk, the ultimate blasphemy and unforgivable sin.
          Now please support your statement by citing relevant references from the Qur’an.

          • So, when a muslim doesn’t personally agree on liberal filth, he has the same ideology as ISIS?
            You sound like Bush, when he said:”Either you are with us or with the terrorists!”

          • Yes basically 🙂
            YOu can call it liberal filth, I call it feminism, gay rights, human rights and freedom to vote and all that. Things you don’t apreciate and yet you come to the West to either study, work or suck out benefits 🙂
            Almost as if your islamofascist countries weren’t good enough 😉
            Don’t like it? Please leave, we didn’t ask you to come 🙂
            YOu can say I sound like Bush, but I’ll tell you that someone who supports women submission, oppresion of gays and religious legislation doesn’t think like ISIS, they are ISIS 🙂

        • People like you, with the same interpretation of Islam, make Islam and Muslims look bad. Allah is one to judge so don’t go around calling people whores when you don’t even know them. I’d like to see you speak up when you see a Muslim girl harrased for simply being Muslim…

          • Typical speech of hypocrats. Our job is not to make muslims “look good” in the eyes of the nonmuslims, it is to please our lord. I didn’t call anybody a whore. I said celebrating this “Samantha” is like celebrating a whore. And you can’t know how I will react when I See a muslim women being atracked. I hope Allah would give me the strengh to help her.

          • “I didn’t call anybody a whore. I said celebrating this “Samantha” is like celebrating a whore.”
            Considering the context in which you said it…all the other sexist, misogynist, self righteous things you have said, your “I didn’t call anybody a whore”, does not ring true.
            You remind me of that notorious self righteous feminist Saudi Hijaban ‘holier than though’ hypocrite AJ of Loonwatch. You are just as poisonous and malicious a Hadithest Qur’an hater as her. She slanders MG too. In a manner similar but more in envy than you.

          • Are you scum making takfeer on her? Sexism and misonginy are western – marxist word constructs and their use shows what type of brainwashed idiot you are.

          • “Are you scum making takfeer on her?”
            I am speaking the truth. I know her better than you ever will. Has a mother of six ever come on to you? She is a shameless creature. A Feminist$lutBtch. She is a malicious schemer, master manipulator and an unmitigated liar. She is a fitna, the cursed of Allah.
            AJ is a hypocrite as described in the Quran. I often wonder by what mental gymnastics does Ilisha justify you two racist bigots on her Loonwatch blog.
            As for “Scum” you called me. Did it come out of your version of the Quran or is it exclusively from your ShirkoHadith, which according to you does not need the Quran but the Quran, the Word of God, needs the Hadith the words of men. Now is “scum” a western construct or is it entirely from you, sweetypie hijhabi cochon?
            “marxist word constructs and their use shows what type of brainwashed idiot you are.”
            Well and good. Now pleasantries aside please tell me what you really think? Raped any German girls lately you filthy shameless creature. How is the inbreeding going, retard. Is that where your vocabulary, behavior and IQ comes from, you ugly Saudi rat?

          • And we have the duty to judge. The quran and the sunnah calls us to enjoin the good and forbid the evil with appropriate manners.

          • I’m so lost as to how you really believe a woman is to stay in the house all the time?? Do you not leave your home to shop? What if you were not married would you not week work? And judging is NEVER okay. She is someone to admire and look up to because she is proving that Muslim women have a voice and they deserve to be treated as human beings without a label or restrictions period! Also while this store may sell clothes you think are the biggest haram ever she’s not in control of who buys what or how they dress either. She is in control of how she carries herself and leads her life. You are simply being disrespectful for name calling. That doesn’t ever encourage people if anything it hurts them and discourages them and you should be ashamed of yourself for that.

          • I didn’t call anybody names, just critisized that she was working for that company. When I say muslim women belong into the household, it is not meant literally. I mean with that, that a muslim women is first and foremost a housewife and mother.

          • Samantha Iman is no role model. She should not have worked for avercombie in the first place- a Shop that sells immoral clothes. Celebrating her is like celebrating the first muslim whore with headscarf.

          • “Samantha Iman is no role model[…]should not have worked for avercombie[…]sells immoral clothes. Celebrating her is like celebrating the first muslim whore with headscarf.
            A simple girl. She was applying for work in the kids section, not for selling immorality. Equating her with a “Muslim whore with headscarf” seems like a sinful hyperbole to me.
            You are sounding more and more like a psychopath with psycho-sexual obsessive compulsive ideation. Besides the article is dealing with religious freedom and the right of a Muslim girl to work.
            She has a husband. He is standing with her. You are the one with a control problem. You are way off base…and not God.
            Let them be.

        • “And of course they must wear the hijab.”
          Your opinion has NO value without references. Please cite references from Islam’s primary scripture, Qur’an Majeed, to support your opinion.

  • Ma’sha’allah, what a boss sista’! Was so happy when she won the case, to say the least. Great role model for the young ladies with the advice she gave – no doubt she will continue to do great things.

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