10 Reasons Why I’m Not Going Back To School (In My Mind)

Back to where? Ahhh- Yes, back to school! Like all good things even summer break must come to an end and even though you’d rather crawl up underneath your bed to escape the wrath of school life, you unfortunately cannot. Here’s a list of reasons why returning back to school gets on our nerves!

1. Waking Up Early…

It was summer. From being a functioning human being during daylight you became a night owl. You went bed at 6AM and woke up when you “felt it was time”. How on earth are you suddenly supposed to wake up and be ready for 7AM? This isn’t possible.


2. Jam the Hype…

It’s been a long break and the inner nerd in you is kind of excited to be returning back to school. 9PM and you’re all tucked in, clothes laid out and school supplies packed. And then, the unbearable excitement is the sole reason you do not get a wink of sleep and wake up as Godzilla. What a way to start off the year!


3. Old is Far From Gold

Some people, no matter how long you have known them and no matter how hard you try to see them in a different light-  they will always be a pain in the derriere. And there’s just nothing you can do about that – certainly not at 7AM.


4. Ermm, the Dog Ate it?

When the teacher is a nut job for actually thinking you would spend 6 weeks of summer break doing homework and actually handing it on the first day back. LOL – no.


5. I Spy, With My Little Eye…. Oh You The One Who HAS NOT Got Their Hand Up

When you’re damn sure that teachers exist just to torture you because who else on the first day back gives you a ten thousand word coursework  to complete after a long summer break. Or maybe the fact that after asking a question OTHER people know the answer to, they go out of their way to search for you in a crowd of raised hands when you have no monkey idea what the correct answer is. What’s their deal? JK I love teachers…

6. A Pop What?

Who in the name of banana’s gives a pop quiz on the first day back? Did you really think I had the books open when the sun was shining at one of the 27 pool parties? The only pop I’ll take is tart – strawberry and sprinkles please. Speaking of food…


7. Cafeteria Food…

Was awful the first year. Was awful last year and is still probably awful this year.



8. Social Suicide.

Every year somehow you commit it. That is all.



9. Back To School Tutorials

When you read- ‘ 5 easy back to school hair styles done in 5 minutes’ and you realize that by 5 minutes they actually meant an hour and twenty..


10. It’s not THAT bad…right?

Every year, when we return back to school it makes us wonder- are the #backtoschoolblue really that bad? True, we all know that school can suck sometimes, but we also know it has its perks too. Example: hanging with your mates at least 5 out of 7 days a week, picking up on some valuable life lessons from the that token teacher everyone loves, and really have no seriously responsibilities until after graduation (we’re not sure we’re ready for adult life either but that’s another topic).


So although we’re dreading it right now – we know we’ll actually enjoy going back to school.


Image: Flickr