President Barack Obama (center) with Afghan President Karzai and Pakistan President Zardari during a US-Afghan-PakistanTrilateral meeting in Cabinet Room May 6, 2009. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

President Obama Didn’t Found Daesh, But US Foreign Policy Helped Raise It

The worlds’s most popular bigot — and somehow 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate – Donald Trump is at it again with his completely outrageous and openly inaccurate rhetoric. In the latest chapter of this ongoing and nauseating saga is Trump’s rally in in Sunrise, Fla. — where the candidate declared that “ISIS is honoring President Obama.”…

Graffiti depicting the Statue of Liberty painted on the former U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Photo credit: http://fouman.com

Supreme Court: Americans Can Now Sue Iran Over Terrorist Attacks

Maybe we haven’t actually reached a new stage of our relationship with Iran after all. At least that’s what the latest ruling from the Supreme Court might have you thinking. On Wednesday, the highest court in the nation ruled in a favor, 6-2, of a recent bill passed by Congress allowing American victims of Iranian-sponsored terrorist attacks…


DHS Secretary Johnson Slams GOP Rhetoric About Muslims

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson made an important statement condemning Islamophobia this past week during a symposium sponsored by the International Peace and Security Institute, stating that comments made by Republican Presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, calling for increased surveillance of Muslim neighborhoods and mosque shutdowns, were “overly simplistic.” The symposium, which…


Study Finds Muslims Think Creeping Sharia a Turn Off

Newsflash: Muslims are actually not the religious group most likely to desire replacing the Constitution with their scripture.  At least, that’s according to a new poll released in March 2016, by The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, a nonpartisan think-tank (who knew those still existed?). Aptly titled “The American Muslim Poll,” the study goes…


How the GOP Made Two of America’s Worst Islamophobes Legit

Texas Senator and Presidential-hopeful Ted Cruz announced on March 17th that his team has selected a team of national security advisors, including Frank Gaffney. Meanwhile, fellow Republican contender Donald Trump also unveiled his foreign policy team last week, which includes Walid Phares. If you feel like you’ve heard the names somewhere before, you probably have –…


Muslim Girl Talks to President Bill Clinton About Reclaiming Narratives

Muslim Girl’s founder and editor-in-chief, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, took the stage with former president Bill Clinton this past weekend during the opening session of the annual Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) event in Berkeley, Calif. The panel, in keeping with the opening plenary’s “Courage to Create” theme, also included Khan Academy founder Sal Khan, Egyptian revolutionary…