Sarah Hegazi’s Life and Death Is a Reminder That the Muslim Community Must Do Better in Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

Trigger warning: This article discusses death by suicide, gun violence, and mass murder, and the discrimination and oppression of the LGBTQ+ community. It should be noted that this article is in no way meant to substitute for medical or mental health advice from a trained and educated mental health professional. Muslim Girl encourages those who need…


Justice for George Floyd Starts With Us

#JusticeforFloyd “You must struggle to remember this past in all its nuance, error, and humanity. You must resist the common urge toward the comforting narrative of divine law, toward fairy tales that imply some irrepressible justice. The enslaved were not bricks in your road, and their lives were not chapters in your redemptive history. They…


Sunnah Superfoods: The Great Grape

And, we’re back for another episode of Sunnah Superfoods, this time for the wonderful and great grape!  Hit Us With the History First, grapes have been around a really, really, long time. They originated as long as 130 million years ago, according to archeological finds. Humans started consuming grapes nearly 22,000 years ago, when the ice…


6 Self-Care Suggestions During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Okay, so I don’t know about you, but I feel like running around in circles screaming. The schools are closed, and all events are cancelled. Everything is upended and in chaos. As a mental health professional, I thought I’d share a few self-care tips to help you stay sane (and calm!) during the coronavirus pandemic….


This Is Why I Appreciate the #MuslimAnd Campaign so Much

Many of us who work outside the home may have experienced discrimination or been exposed to people with phobic beliefs about other people before.  I work in San Francisco with homeless youth, at the heart of what’s known as the Gay Bay. My organization is obviously pro-LGBTQ+, and we get hit with endless demands to…


This Saudi Rapper Is Facing Arrest Because of Her Music Video

Recently, a news story went viral regarding how a Saudi rapper made a music video, and the authorities ordered her and her crew arrested. First, let me say, Ayasel Slay’s video “Bint Mecca” (Mecca Girl) is a vivid testament to how beautiful the Saudi society is, mashallah. The video showcases a beautiful and stylish Black woman, Ayasel Slay, rapping…


This Is Why I Believe Angels Walk Among Us

I work in the poorest part of San Francisco, also known as the Tenderloin. On any given day, I walk past needle caps, people with needles hanging out of their hands, arms, and legs. I walk past people with pipes, severe decay of body, mind, and spirit. People with nothing, living on or in cardboard…


Super Sunnah Foods: Is All Halal Meat Really Halal?

So, here we are folks! Another episode of Super Sunnah Foods, and for this episode we are going to discuss — you guessed it — MEAT. First off, is meat a sunnah food? Yes, meat is absolutely a sunnah food because the Prophet, peace be upon him, ate meat without any question. Meat, both of livestock…


Sunnah Superfoods: The Great Pumpkin

So dear friends, in the United States, we are knee-deep in pumpkin season. Pumpkin patches all around, pumpkin pies in the stores, pumpkin spice lattes in the cafes, carved pumpkins on the door stoops, pumpkin-faced pinups on walls, doors, and windows everywhere. So, of course, in this, the fourth edition of the “Sunnah Superfoods” series,…