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Jihad Love Squad: Radically Redefining Jihad

If he hasn’t already, American producer Sam Spiegel is about to blow your mind. Spiegel, who is famously associated with the band N.A.S.A., has recently collaborated with KRS-One to hit the world up with a single showing his interpretation of what “jihad” really means. The colourful dust seen in the video exploding from the woman’s chest…


IDF Attacks Little Boy – And Then Defends It

The brutal act of an Israeli defense soldier who attempted to “arrest” (kidnap) a minor claiming that the 11-year-old child was throwing stones at him (now punishable for 20+ years in prison without trial) has gone viral. A video recording the fiasco that took place in the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh was shared on…

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Suffragettes of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, famously known as the holy kingdom for the Muslim race or as Fox News might know it, the place where freedom goes to die, is preparing for their 2015 elections. While this may seem like something common, this year’s elections will be incredibly special. This year, the women of Saudi will be given the…