A Muslim Brother Takes On Society’s Beauty Standards

Muslims have been taking the spoken word poetry community by a storm. From politics to religion to love, Muslim youth have been creating a name for themselves with their powerful performances that seek to shed light on society‚Äôs ills and beauties. A young brother named Shahroz decided to take a stand against every girl and…

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You’ve Got Your Bra All Wrong

You read it right. If you’re wearing a bra right now, there’s a high chance you’re wearing the wrong size. In fact, 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. We trust trained professionals in lingerie stores like Victoria’s Secret to find the perfect bra for us, but we always end up going home with…

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Skinny Jeans: The Female Body and Space

The topic of female modesty has been beaten to a pulp in Islamic forums, scholarly circles, and within the confines of our own homes, often in the form of a parental scolding. It’s a sensitive topic for many of us. Our brothers and sisters are often well-intended, but alas, we do not exist in a…