The Treaty of Hudaibiyah

The Treaty of Hudaibiyah is called by the Qur’an a “clear victory.” Six years after migrating to Medina, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had a dream that he and his followers were performing Umra (pilgrimage). After having this dream, the Prophet (SAW) and about fourteen hundred Companions started towards Makkah. Since they did not want any fighting,…


“My Mother’s Daughter”

Recently, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour interviewed Yvonne Ridley about her conversion to Islam, after her capture by the Taliban.  This fascinating short film about a Muslim daughter and her Christian mother is a must-see. Ridley talks about how Islam’s feminist principles were what first drew her to the religion. The video exhibits the great difficulties she…


The Islamic Empire’s Golden Age

The roads wound all over the empire. Foreign goods were abundant in markets. The minds of the people were alive, buzzing with innovations and ideas. While the rest of the world was vanquished by intellectual darkness, the Islamic Empire was alive and teeming with knowledge and discovery, creating one of the greatest eras in history….