CAIR-Florida Is Alerting That the FBI Is Interviewing Muslims

The Council on American-Islamic Relations of Florida released an official press statement this past Saturday warning its local Muslim population that the FBI is interviewing Muslims nationwide. This operation comes just two days before the presidential elections–and multiple members of the Floridian Muslim community have been already interviewed, mainly of either Afghani or Pakistani background. This…


Trump Tape Outrage Reminds Us Not All Women Are Equal

The GOP party is rushing to make amends after an audio clip of Donald Trump, originally released by The Washington Post, revealed the candidate boasting about aggressively kissing, groping, and making unwanted sexual advances toward women in lewd terms that bordered on sexual assault. It’s 2005. Donald Trump and Billy Bush, then from “Access of…


Here’s What Ghazala Khan Had to Say in Response to Trump

Mrs. Ghazala Khan, the mother of deceased soldier Humayun Khan, spoke out early yesterday in a letter to The Washington Post after she was criticized by Trump for having “nothing to say” at the Democratic National Convention, where her husband, Mr. Khizr Khan, addressed the crowd. Trump said he would have liked to hear her…


Trump’s Comments on Ghazala Khan are Textbook Islamophobia

With another day comes another Donald Trump move that leaves us flabbergasted. Unsurprisingly, most are ignorant, and sometimes entertaining — but they are political statements fabricated to support his platform. Most recently, he managed to take it a step further. In a child-like attempt to rebuke Khizr M. Khan’s much applauded speech, Trump suggested that…


Chicago PD Strip Searched Veiled Muslim Woman on Video

A Muslim woman was tackled, forced to take off her hijab, and strip searched by five police officers as she was climbing the stairs at a Chicago train station on July 4, 2015. Itemad “Angel” Almatar, who was fasting at the time, was charged with reckless conduct and resisting arrest. Her story came into light…


This is Why I’m Okay With Being 30 and Single

HAHAHA, SIIIIIIIIKEEEEE!!!! We’ve all heard it before. At parties and family dinners, weddings and bridal showers, any woman over the age of 25 is subject to the same question:  “So, when are you getting married?” We are, by default, considered creatures that must want to (and are expected to) find a mate as soon as…

Naaz Modan

A Letter (Again)

These are my people We are white and brown and yellow and red And every shade of skin, every kind of person, your eyes claim to “know.” We are the ones with cloth on our heads that you call oppression and we call liberty; We are the ones with beautiful voices –like soft hands gliding…