Mean Tweets Read out Loud: Muslim Version

We are living in a time where the entire world is watching us to see how we will react to Islamophobia. News flash, haters, you can’t phase us. True Islam, an organization aimed towards educating non-Muslims on Islam, took an initiative to show the world how much hate Islam gets on social media platforms such as…


Poem: How Many of You?

How many of you Are protesting Trump’s agenda But voted for him How many of you Will face God in church today But can’t look your Muslim neighbors in the eyes anymore How many of you Hold your children closer Knowing you allowed another family to lose theirs How many of you Will pledge allegiance To liberty…


Poem: Uninsured Citizenship

To all my brothers and sisters Undocumented Green card holders Muslim Scared I, too, hold my breath in fear For I only got my U.S. Citizenship last year While they came for you first I know I am next Until they rid the country of us To finally become A land free Of immigrants  


5 Ways to Reclaim Self Care: You’re Not Selfish

This is to all my millennials that find themselves skimming through self-help books. This is for all my peers living a hybrid culture fused with traditional beliefs and new-world oppression. This is, also, for everybody who claims that self care is selfish. To that I say that I, too, don’t know the difference between self care and…


What You Should Do if Muslim Girl Is Seen as a Terrorist Group

Written by Marwa Adina and Dena Igusti.   Listen, the Muslim community has spent YEARS being associated with terrorism —whether it’s Sharia law, Butterball selling halal turkeys, or hijabis being associated with oppression. Especially with Trump as our future president and Islamophobes on his side, it wouldn’t be surprising if Muslim Girl is suddenly considered…


Poem: Dear Ummah, Please Wake Up!

When they called America the dream. When they imagined golden streets of freedom. When the Smithsonian confesses that the statue of liberty was originally an Egyptian peasant. When you realize its another example a colored woman being viewed as a site to visit. When she’s forced to use her body for fame. When you realize the…


Poem: On Being a ‘Vegetarian’

There are mammals with black and white skin. There are pigs waiving rights to their next of kin. There are shepherd dogs guarding the sheep. There are families torn apart, And left to weep. Some are native to this land. Others brought here on high demand. Next time you see one of these animals, Understand. We are stealing them…


Poem: Where Is Home?

I write poems about the loss of myself, As if I ever truly knew what it meant to lose your identity, When I never really had pride in it, When I gave it up at the young age of 18 And became an American citizen. I felt no remorse cutting ties to my ancestors. I felt liberated…