Meet the Badass Muslim Artist Behind the BOY/BYE Campaign

We’re pretty pumped about the BOY/BYE project and so should you! Featuring a product line of pins, prints, stickers and patches all showcasing women of color, the BOY/BYE project is a lighthearted expression of solidarity with women who don’t often see themselves in the stories presented to them. The kickstarter reads, “It’s about creating your own space….


This App Makes It Easy for Muslims to Find Roommates

With the fall semester just around the corner, you might still be having trouble looking for a roommate, and finding a Muslim roommate to calm your parents’ concerns does not make this process any easier. Enter MuzRoomie, where, “Searching for roommates has never been so simple.” Launched just several weeks ago, the website allows users…


This Muslim Indian Girl Is a Martial Arts Wushu Warrior

“When I do Wushu, my mind becomes free,” were the words of Fareeha Tafirm, a 14- year-old girl in Hyderabad, India. Despite much opposition due to tradition and orthodoxy, Tafirm won state championships of the martial art sport and was selected to participate in the national championships last year in the state of Assam. When…

The United Nations Global Goals Campaign

This Spice Girls Remix Nails #WhatIReallyReallyWant

This vid is giving us all the feels. This video is has the whole Muslim Girl Fam crying their eyeballs out. The Global Goals just released their newest music video cover of the 90’s video “Wannabe” by Spice Girls (which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary; do you feel old?!) to shed light upon the problems facing women…

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I Do Not Mourn for Elie Wiesel

I was first introduced to Elie Wiesel as a junior in high school. Our teacher – like the other thousands of teachers across the globe – assigned us to read his Memoir Night with the intention of exposing us to the horrors of the Holocaust. I had been introduced to the subject multiple times before,…