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Why Does Female Empowerment Make You Uncomfortable?

I just had an epiphany. By just being little, old me, by being a voice, using my voice, not giving two flying fucks about what a hater gotta say, I’m threatening people with my very existence. I’ll repeat that for the ones in the back. The ones that are hard of hearing. By being unapologetically…

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Leading the Resistance: Your Voice Counts

I wrote my first story at six-years-old. It was called “King and Queen” and I was excited to send it to the Reading Rainbow Short Story contest. My love of words, stories, stringing sentences together to form legible thoughts to be conveyed to an audience was innate, I believe. Plus, Mom used to pop me…


‘Are You Even Muslim?’

“Are you even Muslim?” I hate when people ask me that. It pisses me off. They have no idea what it took, what I’ve been through to stand where I’m standing now in my Islam. My spirituality. But, I know exactly why they’re asking. Because a Black face with a traditionally wrapped hijab couldn’t possibly…


Social Media: Stop Allowing it to Define Your Self-Worth

Let’s talk about social media. Last night, I was in a discussion group of local artists when a researcher asked us tons of stuff about living in Detroit and the “creative” lifestyle. One of the questions that popped up was about millennials, social media and interaction. How does it affect one’s psyche? I thought about how…


S**T White Girls Say To Muslims

“S**T White Girls Say to Muslimahs” I’ve wanted to do this since last year (another vlogger did a version of this video as well) but I never had to guts to actually film it. This is my first time doing something super ridiculous. Unfortunately, a lot of these questions I’ve actually got from individuals in…

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On Muslim Men & the ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ Mentality

I don’t like to be the bearer of burden. And, I’ll probably receive hella hate for writing this, but I’m about to be a young-looking 30 and as I age, I’m figuring out that I have very little fucks to give. I’m 100 percent sure that this happens in every religion and culture, since the…


[WATCH] How Well Do You Know Your Muslim Friend?

Leah V. pulled four of her random friends to have a seat on the orange couch for part 1 of the “How Well Do You Know Your Muslim friend?” segment. Prior to the recording, none of them were told what they were being filmed. Big thanks to Lala Trips, Brian Peck, RV Mendoza, and Remus…

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Leah V. Answers Some of Your Burning Questions!

I like to do random shit. If I feel it, I’m most likely gonna say it (or type it). LOL. I had this cool idea to ask some of my followers to give me some questions to answer. Like LIVE, but not really because it’s like weeks later. I was shocked at the high quality…


Rebelling Against Thighs That Touch

“The reason why your aunt can’t get a job is because she’s fat,” Mom said matter-of-factly to my younger sister and I. In my own fat thirteen-year old body I thought, that’s not the reason why. It’s just a bad economy. Although Mom wasn’t as big as my aunt, her weight was up and down….