Being a Muslim Is Not a Vaccination for Depression

I’d like to offer you a public service announcement: Being a Muslim does not make you immune to depression. According to the movement “Out of the Darkness Walks,” created by family members and friends who have lost loved ones due to suicide, every 13.3 minutes someone is tragically taking their own life. That is 34,000 people a year….


I Am a Muslim and 9/11 Hurt Me Too

These stories are part of our new hashtag conversation, #IAmMuslimGirl — Share your experiences about post-9/11 life, incidents of Islamophobia, or additional reflections on social media to let us know your thoughts.  You can also submit your story to editorial@muslim-girl-2021-production.mystagingwebsite.com. To Whom It May Concern, I am a Muslim and 9/11 hurt me too. Fifteen years ago, I…