I Mourned Your Death, But When Will You Mourn Mine?

Why are some lives more valuable than others?  That’s the question many asked after the events of this past week when the deadliest massacre in Boko Haram history took place and nobody cared because nobody heard about it. According to Amnesty International, Boko Haram fighters killed almost 2000 Nigerians in Baga, a city in northeast…


A WISE Woman’s Quest to Change Afghan Women’s Lives

Three months ago, Fouzia travelled seven hours from Girdi Jungal, Pakistan to the Kandahar Province in Afghanistan, running away from her abusive husband and his two murderous wives to live with her mother. Under the guise of worry for her son’s mental and physical health, she told her husband that her mother had connections to…


Body Politics and Israel’s Collectivist Mentality

Ever since three Israeli teens went missing, in early June, Israeli forces have launched an offensive, collective punishment campaign. They have killed, injured and arrested hundreds of Palestinians. One particular occurrence has garnered mass media attention this past week: the death of Palestinian teenager, Muhammed Abu Khdeir, and the beating of his cousin, Tariq Abu…

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