Muslim Girl Hit the White House Summit on Women

This past week, Muslim Girl attended the White House Summit on Women.  It was monumental for me, for more reasons than one. I can’t explain what it was like to be standing face to face with my childhood hero. It seems watered down and over used to say speechless, or that I had chills, or…


My Culture and My Body Are Not Your Trends

We are always the trendsetters, those of us from marginalized communities who grew up and were told that we need to aspire to whiteness to be successful. And you were told that. I promise. There’s a reason that none of the faces on magazine covers looked like yours, why news anchors never looked liked you,…


These Canadian Signs Tackle Xenophobia in An Awesome Way

I’ve never understood the “Go back to where you came from” remark from non-Indigenous North Americans. Like, did your school not offer a history class? Cause you ain’t from here, boo boo. For one thing, my ancestors never committed genocide to move to Canada. They did it legally, or as legally as you can immigrant…

I am a MONSTER when I PMS. Migraine/fever/mood swings... like WHOA!  Seriously, God bless those who  have to put up with me. I won't lie, it's nice to not have to keep my prayers in check during that time... but sometimes my faith needs a little boost. So what's a girl to do when she can't pray? Here's a little list of things I've started doing over the years so that I can still keep in touch with my spirituality when my prayer rug and I are on a week long break.

5 Ways to Worship When It’s That Time of the Month

I am a MONSTER when I PMS. Migraine/fever/mood swings… like WHOA!  Seriously, God bless those who  have to put up with me. I won’t lie, it’s nice to not have to keep my prayers in check during that time… but sometimes my faith needs a little boost. So what’s a girl to do when she…

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Did Obama Just Make Major Moves Towards Shutting Down Guantanamo Bay?

The Department of Defense announced that they would release nine Guantanamo Bay prisoners to Saudi Arabia. Eight years ago, President Obama made a promise to close the controversial Guantemono Bay military prison, located in Cuba. Nearly two terms later, the detention camp that has facilitated the illegal indefinite detainment and torture of countless men–some who were…

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It’s Lit: Solar Powered Abayas Are a Real Thing

Abayas have come a long way, like seriously. Back in my day (do I sound like my mom yet?!), at my Islamic school, we had to wear these ugly red Harry Potter looking cloak things.  They were heavy, uncomfortable and just plain ugly. Cue the modesty movement.  Now cute brands like Modeste have become somewhat trendy,…


No Role Models: Ayan Hirsi & the White Savior Complex

When it comes to Islam, Ayan Hirsi is an important figure, although I don’t think she’s important in the way that she believes she is.  As a so-called “expert” on Islam, by default, her voice is assigned a certain degree of credibility, but let’s be clear–what credentials does she have to support the platform she’s…


PSA: Reverts Are Part of Ramadan, Too

Ramadan and I are old friends. From a young age, mother would always let me stay up well into the night to fold sambusas and fatayer for the next day. For me, Ramadan means sleepy eyes, knowing smiles, and a month of eating on the floor with my family and praying in between friends at…