Rukeyia is sitting at the Royal Fitness gym in Gaza, after she has finished her training. PHOTO:Asmaa Elkhaldi

This Muslim Woman Moved to Palestine to Study at University

“Before I came, people have told me that there’s no life in Gaza — but when I came, I found that the heart of life is beating in Gaza,” Rukeiya Demier, a 26-year-old Turkish Muslim Girl from Diyarbakır, said. Demier dreamt of Gaza since before she could remember. She came to Gaza four months ago through the Rafah…


How a Woman in Gaza Surprised Her Husband on Their 5th Anniversary

Most of the time, you expect to hear sad stories and tragedy from Gaza, but not for this one. Today’s story from Gaza lets the world know what loyalty and halal love look like. I’m a person who believes that everything in life should be done and lived with love and passion.  In spite of all hardships and…


[VLOG] Ever Wonder What Eid Al-Adha Is Like in Gaza?

As I write to you from the worn-torn city of Gaza, I hope you all enjoyed your Eid with your family and loved ones! Have you ever wondered how someone living in Gaza celebrates such an occasion? How we enjoy our Eid with our modest resources — while craving for bigger possibilities? If you did, like many other foreigner friends,…

Eid prayer in Gaza. Photo by: ASMAA ELKHALDI

9 Reasons Why Eid Prayer Is Good for Your Soul

“Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, la ilaha illa Allah.” I hear this recorded takbeer everyday in my beloved city of Gaza. With each day we hear the adhan, we become more excited about the upcoming day to celebrate Eid al-Adha, especially when we Gazans are always searching for any opportunity to get a slice of happiness….

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Israel Denied Visas to 3 Leading Women in Technology from Gaza

“It’s the rejections day!” said the woman sitting in front of me in a cab. She was on the phone. Some minutes later I discovered that she was preparing herself and other family members to travel through the Erez Crossing, and her permit was rejected. “Did you know why was it rejected?” she asked the…