Get with a community My squad--where oh where would I be without them? I'm blessed with my Muslim Girl family, but also with the best of friends who keep my deen in check.  I have a few friends who make me a better Muslim just by being in their presence, and anytime I feel like I need to up my spirituality, I know they are a text, phone call, or coffee date away. When you can’t pray, keep those folks extra close.

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6 Signs of a Toxic Friendship

Humans are extremely social beings. We thrive off interactions, friendships, and relationships, and gain most of our energy from those brief interactions. Unfortunately, more often than not, our little circle of friends — or the people we associate with — turn out to be toxic in more ways than one. And we tend to miss…

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Why Dua Is the Most Powerful Weapon

Are you feeling like you won’t ever be able to achieve your goals? Like getting into your dream university or graduating with a degree is becoming impossible at this point? Are you doubting yourself and your ability to start your own business or flourish in your chosen career? Then this is the solution for you….


Jihad: The Struggle is Real

Jihad. A loaded word. A term most people around the world associate with terrorism, extremism, and the “violent religion” of Islam. It’s most commonly used by the media and politicians and has become a prominent topic of debate and discussion after the terror attacks of September 11. But that begs the question. What is Jihad?…

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A Layer of Silence

Wednesdays were Mustafa Ahmed’s favorite days. Mostly because he only had to work for half the day. And his wife always made him a special lunch. But also because he got to see all his many nieces and nephews and play with their children. Mustafa was getting old, but he liked to believe he was…

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7 Surahs All Muslims Should Memorize

The Quran has been sent to mankind as a form of guidance. It’s a mercy and blessing, and we’ve been told to read it correctly and constantly. It’s unfortunate to think that we as an Ummah have drifted away from the Holy and most blessed book of Allah; technology and worldly things have all taken…


Why the U.S. Presidential Election Affects the Entire World

Last Wednesday afternoon — an otherwise quiet and uneventful afternoon — every news station, online media platform, and social media outlet in Australia was raving about one thing: the Presidential Election that would decide the next President of the United States of America.   I also scrolled through Twitter, and refreshed the live updates page…