Here’s Your Headlines for the Week of 10/8/16

#MuslimGirlProbs is our weekly link roundup of headlines, stories, events, and situations that make us want to rip our hijabs off. 1. MuslimGirl brought attention to Mental health awareness week: http://muslimgirl.com/31512/mental-health-one-dimensional/ http://muslimgirl.com/31528/islam-allow-abuse-children/ 2. National Poetry Day, October 6th, 2016. http://muslimgirl.com/31544/space-islam/ 3. TIME magazine features a verse from the Quran on their cover, along with photos…


How to Spot a Wallah Bro: A Meme Guide

They lurk among you. They live in your neighborhoods. They attend your masajid. You might be sitting next to one RIGHT NOW. What are they? They’re “Wallah Bros:” AKA the “Haraam Police,” AKA those dudes who have to say “Wallah” after every sentence. Wallah. You’re in luck. While you could spend the rest of your…

Gigi Gorgeous/Pinterest

Gigi Gorgeous’ Detainment Is Part of a Larger LGBT Problem in the Middle East

I and other LGBTQIA+ people and allies who know anything about Dubai’s dubious history of sexism, exploitation, and capitalistic neo-fundamentalist philosophies are appalled, but sadly not shocked that YouTuber and makeup artist Gigi Gorgeous (Gigi Loren) was detained at Dubai International for being transgender. The vlogger and model who became famous several years ago for documenting…