11 Clever Ways to Get Men to Stop Harassing You In the Streets

Last time on #WallahBroWednesday, I shared nine numbers to give to men if they ask for it and won’t leave you alone. Now, if this F-boy won’t leave you alone and won’t take “no” for an answer, that’s another story. Here are eleven ways women can get men to not mess with them in these streets! 1….


12 Reasons Why I Love the Holidays

What a bright time! It’s the right time! (If you didn’t sing that in your head, you’re lying!) Although I don’t celebrate any of the holidays, here are 12 reasons why I enjoy them anyways. 1. Maybe I’m biased, but they’re right around my birthday! 2. Snow, when it looks like an actual snow globe and not…


9 Phone Numbers to Give a Wallah Bro If He Asks for It

Ever had an F-boy ask for your number the second he sees you? Well, this week on #WallahBroWednesday, here is a list of 9 numbers you can give when he can’t take a “no.”   1. Your dad’s number. He’ll know what to do from there. 2. The local mosque. This Wallah Bro will probably get…


Sorry, But #OscarsSoWhite Won’t Be Canceled

As exciting as it is to predict that next year’s Academy Award nominations might feature people of color, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. On Thursday, Mashable tweeted a link to a story claiming that #OscarsSoWhite was “canceled” for next year. This caused a Twitter storm and even got #OscarsSoWhite creator and BroadwayBlack.com managing editor, April…


Nura Afia is CoverGirl’s Newest Ambassador!

The newest brand ambassador of CoverGirl looks like me! Beauty vlogger Nura Afia is the first hijabi to ever be featured in an American makeup brand. Afia is a Denver-based beauty guru who uploads makeup tutorials and vlogs to her YouTube channel Babylailalov. She has more than 213,000 subscribers and more than 305,000 followers on Instagram. Be on…