Apply to be a MG Blogger

This isn’t just an application to be some blogger. This is an application to be a leader. To take a stand. To show initiative. To stick up for things you believe in. To spread the truth. To combat stereotypes. To release your passion and creativity. To strive to be the best Muslimah you can be. To help your sisters. To connect with others around the world. To let your voice be heard. To go after your goals. To fight ignorance. To show others the true light of Islam that has been fogged by misconceptions. To gain rewards from Allah (SWT) for your hard work. This is your chance to hit the good-deed jackpot. This application could change your life if you let it.

Say ‘bismillah’ and just go for it.


– Great grammar, spelling, and comprehensive skills
– Basic experience with blogging
– Passion for slaying stereotypes and the status quo


– Blog at least once every other week
– Respond to and moderate comments on your entries
– Maintain communication with the editorial staff


Please send an email to with a resume and a 1-2 page writing sample.