Apparently, It’s Time to #Brexit the European Union

Plot twist:  The people who basically invaded & colonized 90% of the world decided they wanted independence from the consequences of their imperialism.

In the early morning hours before suhoor, the Internet–and the British pound, and consequently, the world’s economy–have all plummeted to the depths of despair as the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in the controversial #Brexit referendum.
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The United Kingdom–which is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland–now also risks no longer being the United Kingdom as well, because Scotland just isn’t having this nonsense, and is threatening to have their own referendum for independence so that they can remain in the EU.
The vote is not legally binding; the prime minister can always have parliament vote on it, because parliament is sovereign.  Except the prime minister, David Cameron, literally just chucked his deuces and quit, after saying the British people’s will must be respected.

Funny, how come David Cameron wasn’t interested in the will of the people when parliament was voting to bomb innocent civilians in Syria last December?  

Once the decision was announced, the value of the British pound fell dramatically–like falling off a cliff dramatically–hitting a low of $1.3236, a drop of more than 10%, and a low that hasn’t been seen since 1985, before gaining some ground again this morning.
However, this still means that billions of dollars were wiped off of people’s pensions, literally overnight.  Another hard pill for #Brexiters to swallow will be that the pound dropping means exporting becomes cheaper, and importing becomes expensive; the UK is primarily an importer, which will quickly lead to a trade deficit, meaning the UK’s import costs will exceed its exports.

And yes, this sudden stock market crash that happened this morning because of #Brexit can and will affect our financial future here in America–those of us with 401ks and IRAs probably lost some money today due to the DOW drop.  Analysts are warning that Wall Street should brace itself for a Black Friday.   

David Cameron probably isn’t too concerned with the impending threat of a collapsing economy, because he’s got his coins stacked in offshore accounts, per the Panama Papers scandal.
The call to leave the EU comes amidst irrational and xenophobic fears about terrorism and how to handle the increasing number of refugees arriving in Europe, and consequently, the UK.

The irony here is appallingly baffling:  The British have in fact, at one point in time or another, invaded–and subsequently colonized–almost 90% of the world’s countries–but they’re obviously absolutely terrified at the prospect of offering a safe haven to some of the very populations they’re responsible for displacing.  You know, because of David Cameron’s airstrikes and illegal wars.

In fact, Cameron deliberately delayed the release of an inquiry into the war in Iraq–which one politician called “…the biggest foreign policy disaster since Suez…”–until after the EU referendum.

Even America wouldn’t be America without some good ol’ fashioned British colonization and imperialism.

Speaking of America, Donald Trump is slated to arrive in the UK today; perhaps he’s going to help them build a wall?
Or maybe he’s going to volunteer himself and his political prowess to serve as an interim prime minister, and basically try to declare himself leader of the free world, in some type of dastardly, diabolical plot that only a dude like Donald Trump–or Hitler–could come up with.

My next question is this–So can we vote yes to Palestinian independence next, since British colonization and imperialism is theoretically responsible for the nakba?  

Unfortunately, it seems that the people who will be disproportionately impacted by this–meaning the people who will actually have to live with the consequences of this historically unprecedented–and probably disastrous–decision are those in the younger generation, most of whom voted to remain.
As one leave voter reported to BBC, “I’m shocked & worried. I voted leave, but didn’t think my vote would count…I never thought it would actually happen.”

America, this could be us if you keep playing.  The possibility of a Trump Presidency–while seemingly surreal–could be imminent. 

Cue Drake’s “Now & Forever.”
I mean, with the UK out of the EU, and Trump as the potential POTUS of the United States, views from the 6 don’t sound too shabby.  Running to the 6 with my woes actually sounds like a pretty great idea.