Anxiety Rises on Election Day 2020

Voters have anticipated Election Day for the last eighteen months, and today may be what many have coined, “the most important election in modern day history.” With this responsibility, feelings of anxiety rises as the results begin to pour in from across the country.

Muslim Girl asked its readers how they were feeling, and here is what many had to share:

“anxious.” @keitakeita11

“Apprehensive.” @sarahnasr_motheroftriplets

“Honestly I think trump is gonna win but I rlly hope he doesn’t.” @mena_younis

“Nervous.” @_eboninicole_

“Terrified.” @jillfcasey

“Scared. frantic. on the verge of tears.” @handfullsofholly

“Hopeful.” @Kathratherine

“Sick.” @kenzzzzz19

Some are making plans and turning to prayer:

“Nauseous and already panicking about leaving the US.” @leenasaidhello

“Honestly I’m trying not to think about it because that will just increase my anxiety.” @aarazzak

“I’m making a cake so either way I’m eating cake.” @noracflaherty

“Overwhelmed, anxious and just praying we have humanity left in us and are voting for change.” @ayesha.b2

While anxiety rises as voters wait for results to come in on this Election Day, the best practice to ease the tension during these hours (or even days) is to remain hopeful. And if all else fails, let us take a cue from one of our readers above who stated she will be eating cake. Cake will definitely fill that void.