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Anti-Muslim Lawyer Accuses Muslim Women of “Civilizational Jihad” to Counter a Discrimination Suit

The owners of a California restaurant are now countersuing a group of Muslim women for trespassing, after the owners were sued for kicking the women out of the establishment.

The restaurant’s lawyer is accusing the group of women of “civilizational jihad,” which is not a real term, and even if it was, it would be practically meaningless given the various misinterpretations of the idea behind jihad.

On April 22nd, the seven Muslim women–of whom six were wearing hijabs–were escorted out of Urth Caffe in California by police. The women describe how an employee had asked them to leave and then called the police when they refused. The owners claim that the restaurant limits seating to 45 minutes. However, their policy states that patrons can share tables with other parties if the restaurant is busy, and urges that “If tables are available you are certainly welcome to enjoy Urth for as long as you desire.”
One of the women, Sara Farsakh, took pictures of the empty table that day, and posted online about how other groups who were there longer did not have to leave.
The group of women has since filed a discrimination suit against the restaurant.
David Yerushlami, the controversial lawyer defending the restaurant, now claims that the women’s lawsuit is part of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) ploy to “weaken western civilization,” though CAIR denies that they are involved in the case.

Yerushlami also declared the case to be a “hoax” and an “abuse of process” because one of the restaurant owners, Jilla Berkman is Muslim. Yerushlami essentially argues that Jilla’s faith exempts the restaurant and its employees from any allegations of discrimination…because everybody always agrees with their boss, right?

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit dedicated to gathering information on hate groups and extremists, has noted Yerushlami as a member of the “Anti-Muslim Inner Circle.” He consistently represents radical anti-Muslims, and anti-Muslim groups, and believes that Muslims who want “coexistence with the West, [are] effectively non-existent,” so all Muslims living peacefully in the West are not real.
In spite of his track record, Yerushalmi insists that he is not anti-Muslim “if he doesn’t have a gun in his hand shooting at me.”
Well, in this case, the Muslims were a group of unarmed women simply trying to enjoy themselves, but that didn’t stop Yerushalmi from accusing these women of using their hijabs in a subversive plot to overthrow the western world.
Fashion can be powerful, but not that powerful.
Mohammad Tajsar, one of the lawyers representing the women, stated a fact that has been proven time and time again is that Yerushalmi “made a career out of crusading against Muslims in America.”
Tajsar then continued, saying that “[The owners’] decision to hire this particular gentleman frankly makes our case. It demonstrates that this organization has no regard for the very Muslim clientele that it claims it caters to.”
And he’s right.
An active Islamaphobe for a defense lawyer in a discrimination suit is definitely a poor choice.
Written by Zarina Iman.