You Need to Hear This Oud Remix of Adele’s “Hello”

You know when a song just touches your soul? Yeah, it’s an awesome feeling. Well I’m back with another “Arab meets Adele” cover, because Ahmed Alshaiba managed to do that for me as he skillfully played Adele’s “Hello” with the oud: a Middle-Eastern born pear-shaped instrument that produces the most epic strings of music.
It’s not uncommon to hear about how Adele’s newest tear-jerker has touched hearts all over the world. I mean, let’s be honest — it’s a straight up masterpiece. And these covers only continue to uniquely capture the beauty of the universal tune.
Out of them all (and I’ve heard a lot), this one has got to be my favorite. There’s just something so profound about the oud — you can’t duplicate those sounds.
I guarantee you’ll enjoy this.