Makeup Spotlight: Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks

If you’re down with the makeup scene, you’ve probably been hearing so much about these “liquid lips.” Anastasia Beverly Hills’ new Liquid Lipsticks are the most popular pieces of makeup out right now, ranging from nude to DARK (and I mean almost-black-DARK).


When I first heard of them, I felt skeptical about them. Liquid lipsticks aren’t very long-lasting and often time pretty watery. However, the more the lipsticks blew up on social media, the more I was open to how completely beautiful they looked! My favorite Youtubers and bloggers were working these lipsticks, and I fell in love!

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 4.00.48 PM


I decided to give it a try, and bought two of my favorite colors: Heathers and Potion. At a whopping $2o.oo each, I emptied out a chunk of my paycheck and invested in the lipsticks — and I can honestly say it was worth it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 4.09.30 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 4.09.15 PM

The lipsticks are very very thick in texture. One swipe and they will give a almost perfect amount of coverage over your lips. It dries up very quickly to reveal a nice matted look with the perfectly rich color you chose!


They are extremely long lasting. I tried the kiss test on the back of my hand, and very little of the product smeared onto the skin. The colors I chose did not disappoint. (Y’all know I love my dark and dramatic colors!) I did apply a little lip liner before hand, but it isn’t necessary if you think you need it for the product to stick onto. I used the lip liner to keep it neat. Color in the lines!



 Potion is extremely dark–almost black when you first look at it, but it has a very dark, eggplanty purple undertone. This lipstick isn’t going to be very popular with many people in my opinion because it’s a bit TOO dramatic. However, pair it with a light hijab and a light wardrobe (grey, pale pink, etc) and it’s sure to stand out and bring your look together.



Heather is my all time favorite! It’s such a beautiful rich maroon with a very distinct matte finish that gives your lips that “Kylie Jenner” look. I don’t really like the red lip look, so when I feel like it would look good with a certain outfit, I go for the maroon color. It is darker, more mature and overall classier in my opinion!

Yes, these liquid lipsticks are costly, but the product definitely gives you your money’s worth in it’s durability, texture, and finish.