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Activists Gather in NYC to Call for the Release of Ahed Tamimi

Activists Gather in NYC to Call for the Release of Ahed Tamimi


On Friday, Jan. 5 in New York Grand Central Station, a protest of about 70 was held and organized by NYC Students for Justice in Palestine. A small group of counter-protestors were also present, holding signs that read “Thank God for Trump.”

These protests come following the arrest of 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi, who was arrested for assaulting an Israeli soldier after a video of the incident was posted by her cousin Nour Tamimi (who was also arrested). Ahed’s actions were prompted by the news of Israeli soldiers shooting her cousin in the head with rubber bullets. Now, Ahed Tamimi is facing 12 different charges in Israel’s military courts, which have a nearly 100% conviction rate. However, she is not alone–Tamimi is only one of the hundreds of Palestinian children who are currently imprisoned by the Israeli military.



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Ahed, who has been an activist for much of her life, has become a prominent figure in the Palestinian resistance. Her case has garnered worldwide attention, pushing Palestinians to call for her release.

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  • Too bad activists don’t gather to demand justice for real victims of corruption than the release of a young women caught on video repeatedly assaulting Israelis.

    “Palestinians Imprison Journalists for Exposing Corruption,” by Khaled Abu Toameh is actually an issue worth getting genuinely outraged about. Oh – if such “activists” really cared about human rights….

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