Abu Eesa Wants to Explain Your Period

Lady friends, I’ve got some questions for you. Do you ever get confused when you’re sitting around at home and out of nowhere blood starts seeping out of your special place? Does the word “ovulation” ever confuse you? Is your vagina a mysterious place that you never visit?

Me too. Frankly, I don’t even know what’s down there. I’m like a Barbie doll.

But we no longer need to rely on ourselves or our mothers or even other women to answer important questions about menstruation! The good news is that Abu Eesa Niamatullah, an Imam from the United Kingdom, is going to be leading a free lecture on menstruation and the ways in which to clean yourself after the blood that comes out of your body turns you into a dirty, impure sea monster.


Let’s all thank our lucky stars that this guy, who is a scholar in Islamic law and NOT an OB/GYN, is going to share, with probably thousands of people, how to manage periods. Not only will this lecture be open to people who can attend physically, it will be available for viewing online.

Let’s be serious here.

I have nothing against learning about menstruation. It’s an important thing that everyone needs to understand and appreciate for the difficulty it truly is but subject matter that is this important  needs to have the appropriate teacher.

Gynecologists could teach a class on menstruation. They get it. They’re doctors. They understand the process and what’s involved.

My mother can teach a class on menstruation. She’s done it. She’s raised three girls and discussed menstruation with them. She understands what’s involved in the process.

A female Islamic scholar could teach a class on menstruation. She’s done it. She understands both bleeding and the laws of the religion as they pertain to bleeding. She would even actually have a vagina. Not that any of us knows what that looks like.

You know who has absolutely no ability to teach on the topic of menstruation? Abu Eesa — who does not have a vagina, who has not experienced menstruation, and who can only discuss menstruation in theory. He’s got no sense of practical application. The functions of the body are not an academic endeavor, we’re not talking about philosophy here.

It’s an activity that almost all women deal with for the larger portion of their lives. And this enormous thing has just been handed over to a man who went to school to study faith, not the female form.

This is grossly irresponsible. Young girls are going to watch this and they are going to be reinforced with the idea that men are the ones who take command over women’s bodies. Men make the rules and they give the lessons and they control the flow of information.

How are we supposed to take command of our bodies and our sexuality when we can’t even run our own damn classes about our own damn periods?



Image: Facebook