10 Things I Wish For My Daughter

Editor’s note: In this heart-warming ode to her daughter, MusimGirl.com contributor, Nida Siddiq of Naturally Nida, reflects upon lessons and experiences she wishes for her daughter. If you were ever looking for a manifesto on how to raise girls who soar through life with strength, confidence, and kindness, look no further. For more nuggets of wisdom from this wonderful expatriate mom, be sure to follow her on Instagram!

1. I wish she has a memorable childhood. One with messy hair whilst playing at the park, as well as dancing and singing her heart out.

2. I wish she always takes her faith, values, and morals with her wherever life takes her.

3. I wish for her to smile every day and know that it’s okay to cry when she needs to let things go.

4. I wish for her to always forgive and forget, even though it’s easier said than done.

5. I wish for her to have an amazing college experience; for her to explore the world, and meet new people along the way.

6. I wish for her to have an amazing man in her life. One that will take care of her like her Dad takes care of me. One that will respect her, support her, and love her without expecting anything in return.

7. I wish for my daughter to always be someone people can count on; to be the friend who they call in the middle of the night for help.

8. I wish for her to reach for the stars and achieve all that she wants in life. I know she can, and she will.

9. I wish for her to live life spontaneously! To take on every adventure, to not be afraid of failure, and to know that it’s okay to fall, as long as she gets right back up.

10. Most importantly, I wish for her to never change who she is, and to stay true to herself and what she believes in. After all, when you believe in yourself, anything is possible!