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The American Muslim: American AND Muslim!

By Humeira Kazmi If you’re Muslim in America right now, you’re probably not very psyched about being in America right now. Aleena Khan, 17, from Maryland and a freshman at George Washington University, explained the prevailing sentiment perfectly in her letter to President Obama that she wrote on February 3: “Muslims live in fear that…


#OwnVoices: Here’s Why We Need Representation in Literature

So, we know the battle for representation is a fierce one. The seemingly simple request that Muslim women (or any people of color) be the ones to tell their own stories to lend some semblance of authenticity to our narratives has somehow brought on more confusion than I can explain. Muslim women tell their own…


I’m an Introvert & This is Why I Don’t Socialize

Written by Humeira Kazmi There are plenty of reasons I don’t socialize.  First, and foremost:  People. You’re probably thinking “OMG, a chronic introvert!” I don’t believe in labels. Introvert. Extrovert. Socialite. Anti-social. These are just boxes that simply cannot appreciate the complexity of any personality. For instance, I’m an introvert, but I like talking to people…