9 Phone Numbers to Give a Wallah Bro If He Asks for It

Ever had an F-boy ask for your number the second he sees you? Well, this week on #WallahBroWednesday, here is a list of 9 numbers you can give when he can’t take a “no.”


1. Your dad’s number.

He’ll know what to do from there.

2. The local mosque.

This Wallah Bro will probably get a lecture longer than a khutbah.

3. A Halal restaurant.

If he calls the number and finds out it’s not you, at least he can get some food. It’s a win-win situation!


4. The Feminist Hotline.

Call here at (669)-221-6251. It’ll text you a Bell Hooks quote.

5. Your husband’s number.

Of course, this is if you’re married and he’s in on the plan.


6. The Rejection Line.

Call here at at (605)-475-6968.

7. The Loser Line.

Call here at (206)-569-5829.

8. Your real number, but the last digit as a different number!


9. And finally, my editor here at Muslim Girl.

phone number

She can be reached at 1313-noharam.


Any number you use that I may have missed? Let me know in the comments below!