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From UpANotch's Easy.

8 Ramadan Decorations That Will Brighten up Your Home

Last year, I compiled a list of cool items to decorate your home for Ramadan. It was such a big hit, that I decided to compile another list. Ramadan is less than 30 days away and one of the best things about it, in my opinion, is the spirit of the month — which includes preparing your home. So take a look below at these home items to make your house super Ramadan-esque.


1. Iftar countdown calendar

From UpANotch's Easy.
From UpANotch’s Etsy

Check out this Iftar countdown calendar from Up A Notch. I know I’m not the only one who constantly checks their phone to see what time Iftar is and how long is left. This also comes in a digital print.


2. A Ramadan advent calendar

Photo from Handmade Beginnings's Etsy
Photo from Handmade Beginnings’s Etsy


This is a beautiful Ramadan advent calendar from Handmade Beginnings. Fill the pockets with treat or little gifts that will get your children excited every day for Ramadan!


3. Ramadan banners/garlands

Photo from Withaspin.com
Photo from Withaspin.com


This affordable Ramadan banner is from one of my favorite shops, With A Spin.


4. Traditional Ramadan pillows

Photo from Baheya Threads' Etsy
Photo from Baheya Threads’ Etsy


This pillow has the traditional Egyptian “khayamya” design with Ramadan Kareem on it to make your living room feel cozy.

5. Outdoor Ramadan sign

Photo from daysofeid.com
Photo from daysofeid.com


This Ramadan Kareem sign from Days of Eid can be put outside. Let your neighbors know it’s Ramadan so they’re not wondering why you’re up at 4:00 A.M. every morning cooking and eating.

6. Cute paper plates

photo from Onceuponaeid.com
photo from Onceuponaeid.com


Here are Ramadan paper plates from Once Upon A Eid for when you have guests over. Make sure to recycle them after!


7. Ramadan Kareem signs


I’m loving this Ramadan Kareem sign from Eid Way. I put this inside a wreath right outside my door and have gotten so many compliments on it.

8. Ramadan lanterns (fanous)



Nothing says Ramadan without a fanous (lantern). You can find these at many stores, ranging from Target or Pier 1 Imports. This one is from EgyptianQuality.


What are some of your favorites in Ramadan decor?