Ramadan Dating
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8 Muslim Girl Readers Tell Us Their Ramadan Dating Stories

One of the reasons why Muslim women love Ramadan is that they get to meet with their sisters in mosques during night prayers. From married women coming with their children to single young ladies, everyone enjoys seeing other Muslim women making the most of their Ramadan. But, it goes without saying that it doesn’t end there. Soon enough, the mosques ladies’ sections become a place where Muslim women start having conversations with one another — even if that means leading up to some halal dating during Ramadan.

And because we know that Ramadan nights are full of unique stories for Muslim women, we’ve rounded up eight responses from our Muslim Girl readers about Ramadan dating stories. (Spoiler alert: We react to them too!)

Yes I did. I met my now husband for the first time during Ramadan in 2015. Until that day, we had spoken on call only for interview scheduling purposes in his company. And that particular day, I was at work working night shift and had to leave for my hometown in the evening. Since I was at work during sehri, he got me food. 😅

–@shifa_siddique_khan via Instagram

Sis, I bet you knew deep down in your heart that first moment when he got you food that he was the one. Masha’Allah sis, may Allah bless you both! He is a keeper.

Actually yes. We met through a mutual friend.

–@uniquelyamber via Instagram

Now, this is the exact moment when all the time you spent investing in your networks and connections pays off. Anyone can fight me on this. This is when we truly reap what we sowed. (I can’t really take myself seriously now that I’m saying this.)

Yes, he’s the loml.

–@zayan.booley via Instagram

Mash’Allah! Aside from how happy we are to see these Ramadan blessings, it got me questioning a whole different thing: You girls don’t sound like you got your significant others from your local mosque’s matchmaking auntie. What is your secret?

Our Katb Ketab was in Ramadan and we got married after Eid. 😂

–@khawlasiddiq via Instagram

Honestly, I had to pause for a second or two because my brain just went blank like, “Error 404.” Doesn’t tying the knot mean you’re officially married? I mean, even if you still didn’t set up an official wedding? Or have I been single for so long? God help me! No one mentioned anything about the mosque’s matchmaking auntie. I prepared an entire intro for that auntie and no one passed the vibe check!

Alhamdulillah, I met my fiancée in Ramadan… ❣


Ahem, since you’re the only Muslim brother who decided to join us, we would love to know if any masjid auntie was behind this meeting. I have been trying to make a case so hard now only to find it being refuted! (I sound so desperate at this point.)

That’s a bit double standard, no? I don’t see men like that during this holy month.

–@isayoopsalot via Instagram

Well, that’s why I thought it would be easy for me to prove my case. I mean, I barely have time to finish my Kunafa!

Shiiiiiiiiiii, I wish! 😂

–@ruesdouble via Instagram

No, you don’t! I mean, maybe you still didn’t meet your future spouse in Ramadan because you’re meant to meet him during Umrah or Hajj. Aim high sis, we aim higher now. We have to raise that bar!

Yes, I always eat my date. Yes, so yummy!

–@n2.mnb227 via Instagram

That’s the spirit! I’m on your team, sis. When they all go on dates, we’ll be eating all of their dates. (Pun intended.)

Now, aside from all the jokes above, we are so happy to see all these beautiful responses about Ramadan dating! Masha’Allah, may Ramadan’s blessings encompass all of our Muslim brothers and sisters worldwide.

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