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8 Muslim Fitness Bloggers You Should Be Following on Instagram

8 Muslim Fitness Bloggers You Should Be Following on Instagram

Hey ladies! Summer isn’t over yet, which means you still have time to get those summer bods! Follow these amazing fitness bloggers to help achieve your fitness goals this summer. We probably won’t be leaving our houses until summer 2021, anyway, so you’ve got plenty of time to get your workout routine on point.

Zehra is a Canada based fitness blogger. She’s offering a free seven day fitness jumpstart program.

If you’re looking for a home fat loss challenge, Laiba Zaid is your girl!

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on how many sets or reps you should be doing, follow @ohsoofitness.

Tuhfah helps you figure out exactly what to eat. Her Insta feed is bliss!

Saman Munir can be your next personal trainer. She’s not only a fitness blogger, but an extraordinary athlete as well.

If you want to learn more about plant-based nutrition and discover new workouts, Sara is your girl.

Zainab makes it easier to understand healthy foods and the reasons why you should eat them. Alongside that, she shares helpful exercises as well.

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Total body workout. Are you struggling with starting a workout routine and don’t know where to start? Are you overwhelmed by the process? What do you find most challenging? SAVE / SHARE / TAG A FRIEND that can benefit or do it with you. Join me on this journey as we go step by step through this total-body program. To improve our flexibility, strength, relieve tension, stress/anxiety, and connection to our Lord with remembrance (dhikr). Indeed movement can be an act of worship to heal not just our bodies but our hearts as well. Total Body Program Do 10 repetitions of each movement increasing up to 15. Begin with one round and work up to doing three over 4-6 weeks. Always do the mobilizations (stretches) at the beginning and the end if you still feel restricted (tight). We strive to thrive and expand our hearts. 1. Standing hip w/ arms overhead 2. Kneeling quad – thigh 3. Standing hip capsule 4. MP kneeling lunge matrix – 3 directions 5. Single leg bridge 6. Squat w/ back row – use small weights 7. Plank walkout w/ rotation 8. Forward lunge combo w/ side lunge 9. Squat jumps – hopscotch 10. Say Bismillah when it gets difficult – motivation The Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, said, “The strong believer is more beloved to Allah than the weak believer, but there is goodness in both of them.” . 🎶: @pearls.ofislam . . . . . #fitforallah #fithijabi #fitmuslimah

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Mubarakah Ibrahim teaches you so much about how the mind and body work together in the weight loss process. Find all the gems on her Insta page.

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