8 Islamic Schools to Consider In the United States

What makes the United States an attractive choice to students when it comes to higher education is the variety of institutions that one can choose from. Virtually all U.S. institutions cherish diversity and inclusion.

The majority of U.S. colleges are secular, and promote cultural diversity. A few of them, however, are built by those inspired by the idea to connect people who share a certain religious background.

The education itself, however, remains top quality regardless of the institution one may choose. Kate Taylor, a college essay writer, says that even if the essay topics are different between Christian, Islamic, and secular colleges, the requirements for academic instruction and writing remain remarkably similar. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the top Islamic high schools, colleges, and universities in the U.S. that Muslim students may consider attending.

Al-Noor Academy in Massachusetts

Al-Noor Academy was established for students willing to expand their knowledge of Islamic studies. The mission of this educational institution is to teach Islamic noblest traditions to the Muslim youth. The school aims to prepare them for the continuation of their academic path. 

Al-Noor Academy provides high-quality education; many of their graduates are accepted into the world’s leading institutions and top universities in the United States. Today, its alumni occupy leadership positions in different sectors.

Universal Academy of Florida

Universal Academy was accredited in 1997. For around 25 years, it has been providing education to students of different ages. This non-profit organization is equipped with contemporary design and the best facilities to ensure students have everything to study productively.

UAF is also very diverse. It welcomes faithful Muslim students who come from Islamic countries all over the world. Such a variety of ethnic backgrounds makes this school very diverse, but still united in faith.

Austin Peace Academy in Texas

Austin Peace Academy is an accredited educational institution in the U.S. It exists for students looking for an Islamic foundation in education. Nevertheless, students of other faiths can also attend this school.

This school is intended to be a space that encourages and develops both the academic and leadership abilities of its students. It especially promotes noble and honorable principles of the Islamic faith. However, it teaches all students to understand their religious backgrounds better.

Bayan Islamic Graduate School in Illinois

This Islamic school is founded on the basis of Islamic morals, scholastic excellence, and good citizenship. It has adopted a centralized learning system for students of different ages. It means it’s dedicated to developing the best qualities in youth.

There are lots of Islamic programs that are incorporated into the curriculum. However, it also advocates for active student involvement. Bayan’s programs encourage Muslim students to take part in extracurricular activities such as sports events, seminars, and workshops, for example.

The Islamic American University in Michigan

Islamic Foundation School is a private school with over 600 students whose goal is to promote Islamic higher education in the U.S. This school welcomes students who recognize the meaning and significance of Islamic teachings and want to study them in greater depth. 

This is the right place to study the scientific, cultural, and legal heritage of Islam.

The Islamic University of Minnesota

The Islamic University of Minnesota is a renowned school with over 20-year history. It stands out from the list of other educational institutions in the U.S..

This college heavily relies on religious leadership and the rich cultural and educational background of Islamic countries. Its education system is based on the Muslim core codes and principles. At the same time, this college fosters a thriving environment for students practicing Islam.

Islamic education, Quran readings, and Arabic language learning are not the only disciplines taught here. This institution enrolls students who wish to get formal degrees as well.

Zaytuna College

The mission of Zaytuna College is to create a perfect environment for students to develop intellectually while preserving the foundations of Islamic faith. This is a place where they can enhance each other’s strengths by promoting their shared values.

Zaytuna College dedicated to developing Islamic identity while developing young talents. Every Muslim student will find a place there, regardless of their ethnic background and age. At the same time, the quality of college education remains indisputable.

American Islamic College in Illinois

AIC is a private higher educational institution located in Chicago. It accepts students from different backgrounds. It especially cherishes values and principles promoted by the Quran. It delivers religious teachings along with Islamic studies and prepares students for leadership positions. Its alumni are well-known figures in American politics and leadership.

The school is very selective. It usually enrolls fewer than 50 students per year, offering degrees in Islamic Studies and Islamic Divinity.

Islamic studies programs are common for many other universities in the U.S. However, Islamic divinity should be studied in a special place. It must cherish Muslim core values and principles dearly.

Such places are usually colleges and universities built by righteous believers. They are morally and financially supported by strong Islamic leadership. That’s why such colleges in non-Muslim countries often become community-building citadels of knowledge. Have you considered furthering your education by attending an Islamic high school or college?