busy muslim girl

8 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Busy Muslim Girl

For all the busy girls wishing there were more than 24 hours in a day, this one’s for you. This list also features shops by Muslim women!

1. This Mug!

You need this mug by MadebyUmmi, which will satisfy both your caffeine craving and your love of puns. Buy it Here.

2. This trench coat

This one’s from MK Zubes—and it is trendy, modest and takes minimal effort to look good. Check this out and many other cute clothes here.

3. This pin-less ready-to-wear hijab from Bokitta

You literally just slip it on and you’re ready to go! *Whaaaat?!* Buy this and more like it here.

4. This modest top from Mod Mode

You won’t have to layer anything with this! Find more colors and other cute clothes here.

5. These post-it notes by the Pampered Muslimah

These are great for reminding you to make a small dua when you need to jot something down. Get them, and other cute stationery here!

6. A cute notebook by Sabah Designs

For all your to-do lists, because we know you’re on that work grind. Buy it here!

7. This Arabic numbers watch from Hulyah

Keep an eye on the time and practice that Arabic. Find this watch in more styles here.

8. This travel mug

And lastly, you need this mug from the Pampered Muslimah, for when you can’t compromise on time—but need your coffee/chai. Get it here.