8 Great Muslim Podcasts For Your Playlist

With so many Muslim podcasts out there, you’re sure to find one you love. Whether you’re seeking a deeper spiritual connection to the fundamental texts of Islam or you’re looking for practical and personalized advice for the modern Muslim, these podcasts have it all. Plug in!

1) Hijabi Diaries

The first podcast on our list is the vibrant and insightful Hijabi Diaries, a wonderful show based out of the U.S. that explores so many aspects of daily Muslim life. This podcast gives Muslim women a platform to speak out about the issues that affect them, from hopes and dreams to global issues of structural justice, such as Islamophobia. This podcast speaks to the heart of anyone growing up between cultures.

2) Saad Tasleem by Muslim Central

Host Saad Tasleem is an educator and academic with an expansive knowledge of the Muslim world, past and future. His education has taken him from The Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America (IIASA) in Fairfax, Virginia to studying at the University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia. This transcontinental journey has turned him into a renaissance man of Muslim affairs. From psychology to art history, Tasleem’s podcasts will inform and enlighten the listener.

3) Mufti Menk by Muslim Central

Mufti Menk is an exceptionally influential Muslim leader and who offers a window into his powerful teachings through his Muslim Central show. As a straight-talking host, he offers practical advice and his welcoming personality always shines through in his shows. The combination of scholarly understanding and relevant down-to-earth ideas makes Menk’s show a must-listen for Muslims all across the world.

4) The Islamic History Podcast

“Islamic history is a vibrant and fascinating world, stretching across continents and cultures,” says Raaida Adeela Abadi, a journalist at Personal Statement Help and PaperFellows. “For many Muslims, it’s also rather a mystery. This podcast makes it a mission to reveal the wonderful world of Muslim history.” Each monthly episode takes an in-depth look at significant events in Islamic history, providing the listener with detailed knowledge of events that still reverberate in the Muslim world today.

5) The Good Life Podcast by Mizi Wahid and Nur Adam

Hosts Mizi Wahid and Nur Adam bring their passion and wisdom to a range of relevant topics to the modern Muslim in this fascinating and friendly podcast. This show is primarily about personal journeys – both those that the hosts have undertaken as well as providing a platform for listeners to share their stories, and it makes for valuable listening. Each episode is packed with relatable personal experiences, never shying away from challenging topics such as mental health. With love and faith as the central tenets of this show, it’s sure to brighten up your life.

6) Living the Quran

This podcast is dedicated to exploring the Quran and each episode offers valuable insight and focused attention on the sacred text. Produced by the Qaim Institute, whose committed mission is directed at spiritual and personal upliftment, this podcast explores the Quran in each episode, unraveling the text in a way that will improve your personal understanding and bring you closer to Allah. 

7) Syukran Talks

This fun and relatable podcast is all about being Muslim in the modern world and with its multiple hosts, it always showcases a lively discussion around these issues! A recent episode charted how one son cared for his mother in her later years and this simple and touching personal journey revealed many of Islam’s ultimate touchstones such as faith, love, and charity. Whilst the show never shies away from important topics, the lighthearted touch of the hosts always makes it an enjoyable listen.

8) Salam Girl!

Hosted by two American converts to Islam, this podcast offers a fresh and unique perspective on the issues facing Muslims today. Your hosts Monica Traverzo and Nicole Queen let their jubilant personalities explode through each episode of this podcast and their hot takes are likely to leave you in giggles. “This podcast feels like catching up with friends, but themes of faith, love, and spiritual journey are touched on with grace,” says Nahidah Sabbagh, a blogger at Lia Help and Dissertation Writing. “Their personal journey to Islam gives them a unique and fascinating perspective we can all benefit from hearing.”

That should be plenty of podcasts to keep you going. Whether it’s brightening up your morning commute or entertaining you through your gym routine, these are the top Muslim podcasts you really need to hear.

Katherine Rundell is a lifestyle writer at Assignment Service and Case Study Writing. She is a travel writer and digital nomad and is currently based in Ireland. She is a proofreader at college paper writing service.