Finish the year strong
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7 Ways Muslims Can Finish the Year on a High Note

Have you been on and off track for quite a while now? Do you want to finish the year strong, but you still can’t figure out how you can possibly do it? 

If this speaks to you, keep reading because we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of what you can do so that you end the year off right as a Muslim.

Top 7 Ways You Can Finish the Year Strong as a Muslim

1. Show Gratitude to Allah

You’ve made it until the end of the year. So, it all starts with acknowledging that even though your year didn’t go exactly as you originally planned, you’re blessed that Allah has helped you push through every single obstacle.

So if you want to finish the year strong, instead of focusing on how things aren’t working, let’s shift the perspective to acknowledging that making it this far has been a blessing. Remember, great things in life start with gratitude. 

End the year off right
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2. Repent for Your Sins

Repentance is crucial at any point in your life. But Islamically speaking, if you want to finish the year strong, then nothing’s better than cleansing yourself from this year’s sins.

Also, when you couple repentance with gratitude, you’ll start witnessing Allah’s tawfiq (success). So keep on turning back to Allah no matter what your sins are. Allah’s The Most Merciful.

End the year off right
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3. Pave the Way for Ramadan

It sounds way too early for some people that they should be preparing for Ramadan before the end of the year. However, preparing for Ramadan will get you back on track as a Muslim – which will help you finish the year strong.

So make sure you set your intention to work on yourself so that you can crush this upcoming Ramadan.

End the year off right
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4. Reflect on Your Past Pitfalls

While regret is part of your repentance, it shouldn’t stop there. You need to dissect the lessons that you can learn from your setbacks so that you grow as a person because you can never finish the year strong if you don’t work on your development.

End the year off right
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5. Work on Your Intentions

Intentions matter in every single thing you’d like to do in your life. If you want to pray, you set your intention. If you want to give charity, you set your intention. And it’s also the case if you want to finish the year strong. 

So what you want to focus on, as someone who wants to finish the year strong, is to set the right intentions before doing anything because setting the wrong intentions can have dire consequences. 

6. Make Your Plan for the New Year

Since what you’ve done so far is just for you to finish the year strong, you need to do your future self a favor and plan ahead for your new year’s resolutions. Planning ahead will not only help you become focused, but it’ll also allow you to prepare for any possible setbacks that can come your way.

For example, when you’re planning for your goals, ask yourself, “Okay now that I know the steps to make this goal work, how can I ruin it? What are the steps that if I took, I’d end up unable to fulfill my goal right away?”

Make a note of them so that you know what you need to avoid at all costs, as well as what you need to do no matter what.

Finish the year strong
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7. Start Slow (Yet Steady)

Change doesn’t happen overnight. So if you feel like simultaneously taking on many goals will overwhelm you, take baby steps until you build your momentum.

Also, don’t be harsh on yourself if you find yourself unable to finish the year strong. It’s not the end yet. Keep trying. Allah’s watching and He’s got you covered.

The Bottom Line

It can feel like it’s almost impossible to finish the year strong, especially if you’re someone who hasn’t been feeling well lately.

That being said, as long as you set the right intention, and you fight the good fight to make it work, Allah will reward you even if you don’t execute as perfectly as you imagined.

Remember, we’re all imperfect and Allah wants us to be imperfect so that we can carry on turning back to Him.

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