7 Useful Islamic Apps for Muslims

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Being a Muslim can be challenging if you live in a non-Islamic country. However mobile applications are making our life easy! 

The truth is that there is a mobile app for every type of Muslim. The Islamic apps available today allow you to improve your knowledge about the religion and be the best Muslim that you can be.

We have prepared the perfect post that takes a close look at the most useful Islamic apps for Muslims. You will be amazed by the amount of wisdom and entertainment these apps provide. With the right state of mind, let’s get started.

1. Muslim & Quran Pro

One of the best Islamic apps that you need to check out is Muslim & Quran Pro. Whether you are a new convert or practicing Muslim for long, the app will introduce you to an Islamic lifestyle. It will inform you about the prayer timings based on your location.

Considered to be the ultimate resource for Muslims, it is an expertly designed app that is super easy to use. It offers the most accurate Qibla direction for over 6 million places. 

There is a lot that you can do with the app such as reading the Quran, reciting Duas, and checking the Hijri Gregorian calendar date. Therefore, you can expect to become a better Muslim by using the app. Obtain requisite knowledge to grow spiritually.    

Receive prayer notifications by choosing from a variety of beautiful adhans (call to prayer). The adhan would run even if the phone is locked. You can also browse through the extensive Hadith collection to learn more about the faith. 

Besides this, you can also complete the Holy Quran with the app. It offers multilingual phonetic translations, transliterations, and audio recitation.  

Editor’s note: Muslim Pro was alleged to have been selling data to the U.S. military. They have now terminated their contract with the party they contracted with, X Pro, that was selling data.

2. Tasbih

Tasbih is extremely important. As God had mentioned in Verse 45 of Surah Ankaboot “The remembrance of Allah (SWT) is the greatest (deed)”. This is why you need to use the app for it. 

It is easy to forget about remembering God in the modern era. However, you have to put in the effort to ensure that God is a part of your life. 

With the Tasbih app, you get to make your prayer easier. It counts your Tasbih so that you can continue with your remembrance without losing track. You can use it anytime and anywhere. You can even go through different Tasbih and their meaning to ensure clarity. 

3. Hafizi Quran 15 Lines

Another useful Islamic app that Muslims can use regularly is Hafizi Quran 15 Lines. It is an app that is designed to make reading and memorizing the Quran easy. The offline tool contains all the pages of the Quran so that you can proceed with your study.

In addition to reading, you can also take advantage of full Quran audio by famous reciters to listen to the beauty of our Holy Book. It is the perfect way to start the morning or end your day. 

The app is meant for those of you that are interested in memorizing the Quran in the easiest way possible. 

Since memorizing 15 lines a day is not that difficult, you can expect to increase your knowledge of the Quran by downloading the app.

4. Makhraj (Learn Quran)

If you want to learn the Quran, you should also consider trying Makhraj. It allows you to take your first steps towards learning how to read with proper Arabic pronunciation. 

As you might already know, the meaning of Arabic words changes when you pronounce words differently. 

Makhraj is an app that has been created for new converts and those struggling to get a proper grip of Arabic pronunciation. It will allow you to understand the meaningful world of Arabic literature. Parents can use the app to teach their kids to learn the Arabic language. 

In addition to learning how to pronounce Arabic, the app also teaches users how to write the language. This makes it a powerful tool for Muslims all over the world. 

5. Salam Web

Salam Web is the ideal browser for Muslims. Although it offers Qibla direction assistance and prayer time notifications, it is known for being the first browser for Muslims. 

Now, anyone can download the browser/ app to enjoy a safe internet experience that complies with religious beliefs.

The app focuses on Islamic values to ensure that Muslims are exposed to content that does not go against their beliefs and makes it difficult for them to make the most of the internet. Navigate the digital space like never before with the amazing app. 

Each feature is made as per the Islamic faith. It is also certified by a Sharia-compliant body. Therefore, it is the only app that the entire family can use for using the internet peacefully. 

6. Scan Halal

Finding Halal food just got a whole lot easier with Scan Halal. It is a dedicated Islamic app that scans your Halal items of interest to find the right picks from its database. Thus, you get to know if the food is Halal or not before making a purchase.  

Even if you are a vegetarian or vegan, you can still use the app to find the best picks. It simplifies your food search so that you can continue eating Halal without having to compromise on your beliefs. 

7. Umrah & Hajj Guide

Finally, there is also Umrah & Hajj Guide. If you plan on performing Umrah or Hajj, you will find the app to be just what you need. It covers every aspect of the religious rituals in the most effective way possible so that you do not miss out on anything. 

Browse through Destination Map, Glossary, Hajj Map, Supplications, Ihram Instructions, Hajj Guide, and Umrah Guide to ensure a stress-free experience. 

Which apps are best for you?

Once you have gone over our post, you will know about the top Islamic apps. By downloading these apps, you can expect a more peaceful life. Take your Muslim lifestyle with the help of these apps. 

From Muslim & Quran Pro to Umrah & Hajj Guide, each app covers an aspect of Islam that you could use some help with. 

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