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7 Things President Trump Should Ban Instead of Muslims

7 Things President Trump Should Ban Instead of Muslims

As we all know by now, one of the first actions Donald Trump took as president of the United States was to issue an executive order banning the entry of immigrants and refugees into the U.S. from seven majority-Muslim countries for 90 days.

The order that has been called a “Muslim ban” by many inspired hundreds of Americans to protest the decision this past week by raising their signs high at airports across the country. There is no doubt that President Trump’s executive order goes against everything America stands for, namely religious freedom and the idea that all men are created equal. If the president is so set on banning things, here are some alternative options he should take into consideration:


1. Racists

Because we don’t live in a White-washed world, and this isn’t the 40s.


Just don’t.


2. Islamophobia

Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Islamophobia’s got to go! Muslims have every right to be here, and we shouldn’t have to deal with hatred and abuse in our own home country.

giphy (7)

Nope, not going anywhere.


3. Alternative Facts

Used by the president’s advisor Kellyanne Conway to defend Sean Spicer, this term is a just a fancy way of saying “lie” and it needs to die.

giphy (2)

I’m sorry, there are no facts involved here, Kellyanne.


4. Xenophobia

Immigrants are beautiful and they make up such a large part of this country. We can’t sit back and accept that the president is making decisions that label all foreigners as threats.

giphy (6)

Hint: They’re not.


5. His Hair

Now that Trump holds POTUS status, he should really do something about the situation on his head. Maybe a new ‘do will help him think clearer.

giphy (13)

…Then again, maybe not.

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6. The hand gestures. THE HAND GESTURES.

Why does Trump feel the need to emphasize everything he says (which already makes no sense) with confusing hand movements?

x_giphy (17)

Seriously, what do they mean?


7. Walls

We are not a nation that keeps people out. We break down barriers. We don’t build them. Period.

x_giphy (19)

Sorry, no space for walls here.

President Trump has only been in office for less than two weeks and has already caused the country to enter panic mode. But the American people have shown that they are resilient and that they will face every action of the president head-on. As long as there are people willing to protest and stand together, there is hope.

You picked the wrong year, Mr. President. We learned a lot from 2016. Bring it on.

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  • Nihal, you are a poet. You are a short story writer, that sort of thing. Idealistic but out of touch with reality. This is not a time for poetry. President Trump stands for all that you want him to ban. How can that be. Why should he. He put his ideas into the ‘Market Place’. America voted them in.

    America voted him in. He won. His ideas, or rather of those who are backing him, won. What you see out in the open now was always simmering under the surface. Now they have risen up like scum. He is riding them. He has validated them. He is championing them. There is opposition. There always is opposition but America stands behind him now. The uneducated, unwashed do. Wisdom and vision seldom win. Hate, prejudice, avarice, lies often do. Did they not nail Jesus Christ to the Cross.

    A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. And a lot of scum has floated to the top. Anti Islam, anti Muslim hatred is now the popular sentiment. How can you, how do you ban it. Islam is protected by Allah Almighty Creator of the Universes. So no contest there. But Muslims are in the cross hairs of this loose cannon. Muslims must adapt to the reign of terror that he portends. Are concentration camps and gas chambers an option?

    This ChristianistaCrusader, proxy of his ZioNaziOverlord, is now the Commander in Chief of the most horrendous brutal death machine ever built. Anyone twice divorced, thrice married, five times bankrupt should be in a straight jacket … not commanding anything, whatsoever.

    Pray that he does not lead us into a global catastrophe. That wiser heads will prevail, that his impulsive and rash decisions will be mitigated. That he does not dig America into a hole from which we may find it difficult and extremely costly to get out of, if ever. As it is we are still paying for the Iraqi False Flag Operation with our blood and guts and treasure. May Allah have mercy.

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