7 Looks for Ramadan

Alhamdulilah, Ramadan is almost here!

I am so excited to get together with all my family and friends for worship, and have delicious food with some amazing company. I wanted to do a topic that would be relevant for all Muslim girls reading this post. During Ramadan, I have seen various types of people dressed in all types of ways: From old, used abayahs to really fancy but less modest clothing, to even sweatpants! There needs to exist a balance between all of these. We always look our best going to a job interview or formal gathering, but slack when coming to the masjid.

If anything, we should make ourselves more presentable during this joyous month. I am not saying to wear the latest trends in Ramadan, but it doesn’t hurt to look as if you’ve put some effort into your appearance. I have created 7 easy looks for 3 different types of people.

The Lazy Daisy:

These first two looks are for those of us that really do not have much time — we’re always on the run, whether it’s coming from work, or cleaning up at home. These are simple to put together from any one of your closets. And they’re also ideal for going to taraweeh at the masjid during the week.

1. Abayah

This is one of the simplest items to wear and the easiest to style! Pair a jean or leather jacket with a nice printed scarf and a neutral bag. I always wear flats to the masjid, as they’re easy to take off and put on.

2. Maxi

This second look is similar, as it’s also simple to put together during the week. However, if you’re like me, you probably own a lot more maxi dresses then abayahs. It’s the perfect time to pull them out of your closet, as they are appropriate and comfortable.

The Cute and Casual:

The next set of looks are for the days when going out to a simple Iftar with family and friends. These also are cute to wear for other days, and perfect for long nights at the masjid.

1. Palazzos

This is probably my favorite trend this summer. If you find really loose ones like these, they’re so hijab friendly! These are also ideal for the hot summer nights as they’re so breathable. I went for a mostly neutral look here, adding a little summer color with an orange-beaded necklace.

2. Maxi Skirts

We all have a few maxi skirts that are totally wearable for Ramadan. I added a little of the tribal trend at the top with this olive green skirt. For the summer, perhaps take out the leather jacket and keep it simple with a light top.

3. Desi Attire

For my fellow desis out there, shalwar kameez are just as appropriate as the other looks. The trends these days are long and flowy tops with tights underneath, basically fancier maxi dresses. This outfit is from late fall, so the shawl is optional.

The Polished:

The last set of looks is for my hardcore iftar party-goers. Just kidding… But seriously. On the weekends, many families get together for huge Iftars and dress up really nice. Alhamdulilah, it is to celebrate great company and join in worship. Sometimes, it’s difficult to go from these parties to the masjid, as the outfit may be too gaudy. Here are two looks that are perfect for the weekend, but also appropriate for the masjid.

1. Blazer

Here, I paired the Bulbul Curtsy Skirt with a short fitted blazer and a hint of florals. Sometimes, the masjid can get a little hot, in which case, you can remove the blazer.

2. Silk

For this last look, I paired a simple striped shirt with a silk taupe skirt and a red hijab. I usually am not into really bright hijabs on a daily basis, but will wear them for these fancier gatherings.

I hope you were inspired by some of these looks. Feel free to share some of your outfit ideas too. And if you have any post suggestions, please comment below!

Ramadan Mubarak!