6 Reboots That Are Actually Worth Your Time

Usually when a reboot is announced my thoughts alternate between, “Please don’t ruin it” and “I hope it’s not complete trash.” Although there have been many that were a total disappointment (I’m looking at you,”Full House” and “the Power Puff Girls,”) I never lose hope that I’ll get to relive my childhood favorites one more time.

Then again, sometimes there are those days where you see that childhood favorite re-done, and wish that they’d just stop with the reboots already. But, every now and then, there’s a reboot that happens, and it whisks you away on a tour of nostalgia, surprising you with how much you like it! And on that note, here’s my list of the top six reboots that actually don’t suck.

1. Spider-Man: Homecoming

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“Spider-Man” has been previously played by Toby McGuire and Andrew Garfield, yet Tom Holland’s take on it was a perfect combination of geeky-awkward Peter Parker, and his alter-ego, Spider-Man: your friendly, quick-witted hero. Feel free to disagree with me, but my favorite Spidey is definitely Tom Holland, especially since we finally get to see how he interacts with Tony Stark.

If you haven’t already seen this one, I highly recommend doing so, particularly if you’re a Marvel fan. Or even if you’re only there for Zendaya, which is totally fair enough. Fair warning, Zendaya’s barely in this one, but even if you only came for her, I still believe you’ll stay to see how everything unfolds.

2. Fruits Basket 

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In this 2019 remake of a classic anime, Tohru Honda ends up living with the Sohma family due to a sudden turn of events. Tohru quickly finds out that the Sohma family are under a spell. If a member from the opposite gender hugs them, they turn into one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. It’s an anime filled with many plot twists and solid life lessons, which makes it perfect for any age.

3. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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Set in Greendale, a town situated next to Riverdale, comes a darker take on “Sabrina: The Teenage Witch.” Although Salem doesn’t talk in this one, I still think that fans will love this show, especially if you’re into the horror and mystery genre. This rendition of Sabrina zeroes in on the story of how Sabrina  (Kiernan Shipka) has to choose between the mortal world and becoming a witch by her 16th birthday. 

4. The Parent Trap

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Who doesn’t love “The Parent Trap”? Featuring Lindsay Lohan as twins, Hallie and Annie, in her acting debut, this movie follows the story of these spirited strangers. It’s not until summer camp that these two discover that they are, in fact, twin sisters. Hallie grew up in Napa, California with their father, whereas Annie grew up in London, England with their mother.

When they meet and discover this long-hidden secret, they decide to switch places in order to get to know they parent they never got to grow up with. As with all good tales, when they discover that their dad is marrying another woman, the two decide it’s time to come up with a devious scheme to get their parents in the same room.

Even if you’re a fan of the original “Parent Trap” starring Hayley Mills, I think you’ll find this one to be very charming.

5. Anne with an E

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Based off of L.M. Montgomery’s “Anne of Green Gables” series, fans will appreciate this more realistic take. It’s darker and set in the 19th Century, and as a fan of Megan Follows, the original actress who played Anne on-screen, I had high hopes for this one. Guess what? Amybeth McNulty doesn’t disappoint! She has her own take on Anne, the fiery red-haired orphan, but this reboot is surely a show for both the older generation and the new one. 

6. Degrassi: Next Class

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“Degrassi: Next Class” follows the lives of Maya, Grace, Lola, Frankie, Zoe, Winston, Goldi, Jonah, Zig, Rasha, and the rest of the class as they start high school at Degrassi Community School in Toronto. One of the things I loved about this was that one of the main characters is a hijabi Muslim women, and her storyline of dealing with Islamophobia is both heartbreaking and eye-opening.

If you somehow need another reason to check it out, it also has a surprise appearance from a “Gilmore Girls” cast member!

Although there are many different shows and movies that had decent reboots, I would say the ones listed above are definitely worth watching. If your favorite reboot didn’t make the list, feel free to hit us up in the comments below. There were definitely some that I was considering, such as “Girl Meets World,” “A Cinderella Story,” “Pink Panther,” and “Freaky Friday,” but I thought that some of the ones mentioned above would be series that you wouldn’t normally think of. Enjoy watching!