The 6 Randomest Places I’ve Prayed

You know how it is. You’re going about your day and then – BOOM – it’s prayer time. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said the whole world’s a mosque, right?  Here are my top seven improvised mosques:

1) Fitting Room


Let’s start with an oldie, but goldie. The fitting room is always a good place for a quick mid-shopping dhuhr. Quiet, private, and unlikely to be interrupted – this location has it all. Just find your local Forever21 and get your salah on.

2) Teacher’s Lounge

Okay, so maybe we weren’t technically supposed to be in here, but doesn’t the benefit of prayer cancel out the whole going into the teacher’s lounge uninvited thing? Downside: you may pray with your ears super perked, listening for the sound of incoming faculty.

3) Cliff


Favorite location so far: a cliff on a beach in Costa Rica. Gorgeous and powerful, ancient and majestic. Five out of five stars. Would pray here again.

4) Bus

If you’ve got your headphones in, no one will talk to you, of course. And they’ve seen weirder on public transportation.

5) Behind a poster in a movie theatre

In my defense, it was a really big poster. Lots of cover. But, to be honest, also an ears perked location.

6) Empty Classroom

With lots of empty space and enviable quiet, an unused classroom is honestly almost as good as a fitting room.

BONUS! 7) Side of the Road


This one is a classic. With the only noise being that of oncoming traffic, and your car comfortably blocking you from view, roadside is quite nice.

Where’s the craziest place you’ve prayed?