6 Products to Help You Practice Self-Care During Ramadan
Photo from SimplyMallow's Etsy

6 Products to Help You Practice Self-Care During Ramadan

You know how during the holidays in December, we see cute photos of people on our Facebook and Instagram wearing reindeer headbands, writing in cute holiday notebooks and drinking coffee in snowmen mugs?

Luckily for us, we live during such fantastic times that we have awesome Ramadan items for us and not just for kids! Here are some of my favorite products for Ramadan to treat yourself during this blessed month. Self-care and reflection is part of Ramadan, after all.


1. An Islamic-themed journal

Photo from Azyaan's Etsy
Photo from Azyaan’s Etsy


This adorable gratitude journal has sections for you to write what you’re grateful for and you can self-reflect in this journal during Ramadan.


2. Motivational mugs

Photo from hafsacreatesshop.com
Photo from hafsacreatesshop.com


This mug is for your delicious tea to drink at the end of the day after suhoor, because let’s face it, we need a lot of du’as (supplication) after we break our fast to get us through taraweeh.


3. Water bottles

Photo from Khinspiration's Etsy.
Photo from Khinspiration’s Etsy.


Drinking water during Ramadan before suhoor (dawn) and after iftar (breaking of fast) is sometimes challenging. Having a cute water bottle like this that you can fill up and drink throughout the night may help encourage you to drink more water!


4. Treats for you

Photo from SimplyMallow's Etsy
Photo from SimplyMallow’s Etsy


Ramadan is all about sharing, and that’s important of course. But it’s also important to treat yourself during Ramadan to celebrate small victories. I love these halal marshmallows from SimplyMallows. You heard that right. HALAL MARSHMALLOWS.

They have great customer service too! I once ordered from them, and for some reason, USPS lost the package and she sent me a new order and added more marshmallows. Check them out.


5. Motivational and Islamic quotes

Photo from AishasAccessories' Etsy
Photo from AishasAccessories’ Etsy


Reading a hadith or Quranic verse and reflecting on them is done a lot throughout Ramadan. I love motivational bookmarks that you can keep in your favorite book that you read during Ramadan like these from AishasAccessories.


6. Rainbow Quran

Photo from Pampered Muslimah
Photo from Pampered Muslimah


These rainbow Qurans from Pampered Muslimah are so cute and will make you look forward to reading Quran during Ramadan. I have the pink one that my daughter “reads” from (she’s too young to read, but pretends to read from it) and she loves it. It’s great for adults, too.

What are some of your favorite ways to practice self-care throughout Ramadan?