10 Powerful MuslimGirl.com Articles From the Last 10 Years

2019 marks the ten-year anniversary since MuslimGirl.com was launched from the bedroom of a determined teenager looking to reclaim the narratives surrounding Muslim women. We’re looking back at our community and platform, Muslimgirl.com, in honor of ten years of being around! MuslimGirl.com has been an online platform that went beyond digital confinements and gave us a space to be ourselves with no judgment; just love. For the past decade, we have been challenging narratives, and this will continue to be the case for a long time. We will always give you baddies the space to talk back.

Our founder, Amani Al-Khatathbeh, started this platform when she was in high school, within her home. Islamophobia was at its peak in America, and she needed a safe space to share her thoughts and to create a powerhouse for her fellow Muslim girls. She never thought her self-made project would turn into the number one place for Muslim girls to talk back and stay fearless.

MuslimGirl.com is more than just a relevant space. It is needed for the voices that want to speak up, but cannot for lack of an outlet. It has always been a space for challenging norms and unleashing creativity. Our articles cover countless topics, from lifestyle to political, and everything in between. We aspire to write about topics that will help our audience grow, and not only relate to, but get inspired to become a part of a community that wants a change of the narrative surrounding Muslim women. We are Muslim women with stories and histories that made us into the individuals we are today, and that needs to be represented in the media. We are reclaiming the narrative and shaking up the stereotypes people have about us.

We broke barriers. We loved ourselves and everyone around us; kicking the hate they give us. And so, here are the top articles that helped all of us seize the decade:

1. Non-Muslim Porn Star Mia Khalifa and Sexual Fetish of Hijab

When Mia Khalifa assumed the role of Middle Eastern representative in the porn world, we took a deep dive into the fetishization of the hijab that came part and parcel.


2. Exam Day: Duaa to Perfect Your Memory and Increase Your Knowledge

When exam season rolled around, we had your backs with this article detailing a compilation of duas that would help get you through the touch times.


3. Muslim Ban Guidebook

It was a dark day when President Trump tried to enact the Muslim ban. Airports were thrown into chaos and families were ripped apart. We shared a go-to resource that included statistics, glossary terms, and talking points to help you, your families, colleagues, and friends take part in the conversations ahead.


4. Trade in the Islamic Empire

This article focused in on the often overlooked realities of the state of trade in the Islamic Empire.


5. Ilhan Omar: Why Advocating for Palestine is Not Anti-Semitic

As Ilhan Omar continued to face repeated attacks over a misplaced definition of anti-semitism, we spoke out on why advocating for the oppressed Palestinian people had absolutely nothing to do with anti-semitism.


6. Do Women Need 4 Witnesses to Prove Rape? 

A controversial yet pertinent discussion, MuslimGirl.com investigated whether a woman who has faced the trauma of rape actually needed to provide four witnesses, or whether this was yet another case of narratives being hijacked.


7. Muslim Girls and Alcohol

Throwing it way back, this article tackled the tricky topic of what it’s like to be a Muslim girl surrounded by the temptations of alcohol.


8. Muslim Women Are Trending But Some of Us Are Still Invisible 

In this brutal takedown of tokenization, Leah Vernon spoke out about how easily and frequently Black Muslimahs are overlooked in the conversations surrounding Muslim women.


9. Dealing With Setbacks in Your Imaan

Never one to shy away from the tough conversations, MuslimGirl.com tackled the taboo topic of how to approach a dip in imaan.


10. Western Feminism and Free Will

[media-credit name=”@by_tuffix” link=”https://www.instagram.com/by_tuffix/” align=”alignnone” width=”926″][/media-credit]

In our efforts to dismantle an ideology as old as time, this MuslimGirl.com article investigates the fallacy that there is only one way to perform free will.