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6 Inspiring Milestones From the Past Decade

6 Inspiring Milestones From the Past Decade

Ten years ago, a young girl — armed with her laptop and a passion for writing — began what is now the world’s number one English language platform for Muslim women. Since then, has been consistently serving looks, intelligence, and charm across the internet. From critical thought pieces on Muslim politics, to beauty and mental health advice, covers it all!

It is not surprising then, that in the past ten years, received a lot of love and support from change makers, trendsetters, and social icons! To celebrate ten years of challenging narratives, and to commemorate the third annual Muslim Women’s Day (can I get a heck yeah!), here are some of the most epic key moments in’s ten-year history:

1. x Teen Vogue Web Series teamed up with Teen Vogue on a web series to bring to light unapologetic Muslim voices. From talking about the hijab, to addressing hate crimes and 20 things Muslim women are tire of hearing from men, the Muslim Girl squad lit up our hearts and our screens!


2. The Malala Fund Backs

That moment Malala backs you up! Thanks to the generosity of The Malala Fund,’s “Ramadan of the Muslim Girl” campaign had full financial support to take off! With the seed investment, transformed into the first mainstream media platform for Muslim women, by Muslim women. 


3. #HalalPaint 

When MG made halal nail polish a reality! and ORLY teamed together to bring Muslim girls halal nail polish. This limited edition, first of its kind collaboration featured six colors and worked to tailor beauty products to the everyday realities of Muslim women.


4. The Muslim Girl Foundation Launches A Scholarship

There are a lot of key moments that the team is proud of, but few compare to the time when we launched our scholarship opportunity! Seeing the talent and passion of the writing team inspired the foundation to extend financial support to other talented artists. The scholarship raised nearly $5,000 in donations for the arts. Keep loving and supporting your talented Muslim women.

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5. Gary Vaynerchuk Invests in 

Serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk, made headlines when he made — what some might say — the best investment of a lifetime. Gary poured his support into, resulting in perhaps the most epic match-up of the year. The headline broke on, causing an influx of love and happiness for the MuslimGirl team!


6. Katie Couric Visits’s HQ in New York

Katie Couric paid the Muslim Girl clique a visit in NYC! For her new show, America Inside Out, former news anchor, Katie Couric, chatted, laughed, and ate alongside the Muslim Girl squad. The meeting was filmed, and later aired as part of an America Inside Out episode.

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