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5 Ways to Stay Fit Behind Your Desk

It can be frustrating working at a desk job — no movement, and you may find yourself snacking way more than you should. Here are my top 5 tips on staying healthy in the office!

1. Snacks!

No, not cookies. Try to keep snacks such as ProBar or piece of fruit available in your desk. Something quick but filling, so you’ll feel full even before your lunch break!

2. Limit Fast Food.

If you gotta eat take out, limit your choices. Try grabbing a few carry out menus and restricting the choices you have from each restaurant. Start by crossing out each meal that doesn’t help your diet or goals.

3. Sign up for a meal delivery service!

Did someone say delivery? Have healthy meals delivered to your home or office. Imagine having gourmet meals delivered right to your doorstep! Paradise in your mouth.

4. Exercise!

Since you’ll probably just want to sit on the couch and kick your feet up when you get home, get some exercise in at the office – and it’s easier than you think! Get some blood flowing by walking around – say hi to your coworkers! Park 5-10 minutes away and walk to the building. Take the stairs! Your body will thank you.

5. Water! Water! Water!

Keep a water bottle on your desk. Have a hard time getting enough in? Spice it up by adding your favorite fruits. Or maybe set goals of how much of it should be finished by a certain time of day
As you can see, these are really simple ways to stay fit while you sit those hours away at work. We want to keep it simple for you, and think these ideas can truly help you stay focused while maintaining, or working toward those healthy goals. Good luck, my friends…and until next time, stay healthy!