5 Reasons You Should Complete the 2020 Census

It’s that time again. The Census is officially live to be completed. Read on to find out about why you should fill out the census.

The Census helps fund communities.

The Census determines where billions of dollars in funding goes, from fire departments and schools, to roads and other important community services. Important infrastructure like hospitals and highways are all funded with the help of census information. Filling out the Census helps funding get to communities. 

The Census helps fairly represent communities.

The Census helps determine the number of seats for the House of Representatives. The 435 seats are distributed based on population counts for each state, so filling out the Census can affect your state’s representation on the national level. 

The Census helps emergency services.

In times of crisis, first responders need to know where vulnerable communities are, and the amount of emergency services needed. Filling out the Census makes sure that help gets to those who need it in times where it’s most needed. 

The Census benefits the most vulnerable.

The Census keeps a count of America’s elderly, children, and those living in poverty, and helps allocate funding to support these groups. School lunch programs, SNAP benefits, TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), and Social Security benefits all are determined by the Census data. 

The Census helps education.

Every student recorded on the Census helps decide where more teachers are needed, where funding for free school meals goes, and what resources are needed for each student. Filling out the Census determines which schools need funding, are overcrowded, and other needs for education.

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