5 Reasons Millennials Should Start Journaling

Children are expected to keep a regular diary while growing up. This is where they can write down daily activities for review. In fact, at some point in our schooling as children, we were probably required to journal or keep a journal.

Unfortunately, most people don’t practice this habit once they become adults, even knowing how beneficial it can be in the long run. Millennials in particular may benefit from journaling on a daily basis in order to better deal with all the challenges they’re facing. It’s been noted that millennials are dealing with higher levels of stress and depression than other generations. Studies indicate stress levels are falling for most Americans — except millennials.

In fact, lonely millennials are seeking companionship as they feel hollowed in their own company. A habit of journaling can help millennials to find connection, even if only within themselves. 

Many people view journaling as something that the imaginative or super-intelligent do. Journaling benefits everyone and applies to everyone. Most celebrated personalities published their thoughts into journals like Mark Twain, Benjamin Franklin, Theodore Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill. And how does working in the scholarly journal lead to greatness? The answer lies in daily journaling.

Taking an animation class alone won’t make you awesome. Your journal’s power depends on how you use it. In this article, you will read more about the benefits of daily journaling for millennials for them to achieve more — including happiness. 

1. Journaling helps you record vital insights about your life.

The average person goes through a plethora of turbulent thoughts throughout the day. It is merely impossible to record all those.

But you can write down those that affect you the most. Start with writing the source of great ideas and lessons from experiences you have each day. Instead of making activities disappear entirely, you should document them.

You can only go further by learning from your mistakes. Writing down your feelings helps you memorize them. Writing down one’s feelings strengthens one’s ability to read oneself.


2. Journaling can help you increase your productivity and set and reach your goals.

Many people spend endless hours at work, and they have no records of what they do and how productive they are. The growing competition is forcing millennials to be more successful, leaving them overstressed. 

Using a journal will help encourage efficient activity management. At the end of your day, check your to-do list and tackle any things not accomplished on your list. If your journal sessions are extremely efficient, you will have achieved all that you plan. Performance in competition often precedes public success.

Journal time acts as a post-work reflection for millennials. Note all that you did that day and the things that still need to be done tomorrow while summarizing all the key activities.

3. Journaling allows you to organize your thoughts.

Another great advantage of journaling is organizational productivity. If you have trouble planning and keeping to your schedule, you will gain if you try journaling. Instead, you can begin by using a daily planner.

A bullet journal will help you keep track of your life events. You can add sections according to the various areas of your life. To be effective, you need to be sharp in every area of your life.

Nurturing a habit of the journal will help you become an informed person in the long run. You can also document some tips on improving your relationships, job, faith, parenting, and wellness in your journal.

Having objectives in all aspects of life is beneficial. However, presenting all the details in a structured manner would ensure success. You should have journals for different subjects that will help you find out the flaws in your everyday life, so you’ll find out quickly.

It pays off to be transparent while engaging in journaling, as this helps you achieve your goals faster.

4. Journaling creates clarity.

Continuing the habit of journaling can have a powerful impact on life. Writing your reflection journal during the day can make you more conscious of incongruencies in your life.

Once you start with this, you will see what’s essential for your personal development and growth.

This way, you can weed out the negative emotions that can impact your growth, which can otherwise create a career stagnation. Your journaling can help to find the identity that drives intent towards living a better life. You would have a better comprehension of your options and a greater capacity to make both smaller and larger decisions. 

One way to ensure a regular journaling routine is to take a digital route using the Lugelo app. Here, you can log everyday activities using images, videos, and texts. 

And since you can store everything digitally, you can use it anytime to gain clarity. It’s helpful to recognize the patterns of life so you can realize how to adjust habits as needed, based on your cumulative learning.

5. Journaling can accelerate the healing process.

Most therapists urge their patients to write down their experiences. One modality frequently used for healing is to journal. It can also be a source of inspiration. It is a haven where you can get over your difficulties.

This approach helps to address significant problems and find an appropriate way to fix them. Journaling allows people to listen to their feelings and analyze them intimately.

Have you decided you should journal yet?

There are several good reasons to begin journaling. All you need is a notebook and a pen. Journaling will encourage you to know yourself better and will help you achieve your goals.

Millennials often aspire to achieve success, and because of this, they are often successful. Holding a daily journal can improve millennials’ ability to accurately classify their experiences.

Psychologists and language experts agree that the choice of words can show a lot about a person. Accurate and optimistic people use action words, which explain how they feel.

Millennials can bounce back from challenges more quickly if they journalregularly. So, the next time you complete something, don’t hold back. Enable your emotions to ebb continuously.

Do you journal? If not, have you been inspired to start from this article?

Musa Mawanda, Ph. D is the Founder and CEO of Lugelo, Inc., a mobile and web app for private journals, scrapbooks, biographies, and storybooks.